A robust roofing market that looked ready to rebound from a sluggish post-pandemic recovery continues to face supply line challenges and delays forced by scarce materials. Roofing contractors already grappling with recruiting and retention problems are also dealing with escalating costs, increasing government regulation and scrutiny; and customers that demand high-quality service while providing creative solutions in real time.

Worker health-and-safety concerns and an uncertain economy still weigh down on the industry; however, roofing contractors continue to show resolve, creativity and the optimism to find opportunities to grow. That’s not easy to do in the environment laid out above. Neither is excelling or standing out in their respective markets, yet every year it seems more and more contractors are up for the challenge. 

Many contractors from the residential, commercial or industrial roofing sectors shared their success over the past year as part of RC’s annual Top 100 list. As we have for a dozen years prior, the RC team collected 2021 annual sales revenue data submitted independently by roofing companies to identify the highest revenue-generating roofing professionals industrywide. The revenue information provided was self-reported throughout the first half of 2022. 

The 2021 list showed some interesting representation – or lack thereof – from nine geographic regions. That didn’t necessarily hold true for this year’s list. While roofing “hot-spots” like the Rust Belt and North Texas plains were well represented, the 2022 list leans heavily on companies based in the South Atlantic, followed by the East North Central states.

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