After a year of uncertainty due to a post-pandemic economy and global supply shortages, roofing contractors have adapted and got creative to continue providing the essential business of roofing.

Companies in both residential and commercial roofing adjusted to uncertain conditions through a variety of means, whether it was offering different types of roofing solutions due to supply shortages or growing through strategic mergers and acquisitions. In doing so, the top 10 of RC's Top 100 of 2022 emerged.

"The long-term impact of the pandemic remains to be seen," said Brian Brett, marketing and communications manager for Flynn Group of Companies. "However, Flynn expects to continue its growth through 2022. The acquisitions of Noorda BEC in Utah and AARA Construction in Arizona in 2020 boost our presence in the Southwest. We are looking forward to subsequent organic growth in both markets."

Even as the construction industry faces rising costs and ongoing labor shortages, these companies are stabilizing their businesses and poised to strike when the iron is once again hot. They're doing so by looking within and either promoting key employees into leadership positions or finding ways to thrive through the use of technology.

"Baker Roofing Company has continued to adapt to the new market changes by identifying those industries and services that the company is most effective and profitable in pursuing," said Todd Kavanaugh, director of marketing for Baker Roofing Company. "This results in the alignment and re-alignment of company resources to best position Baker Roofing Company to take advantage of those opportunities. Further, the company continues to evaluate innovation opportunities internally related to technology to take advantage of automation and other areas where efficiency and customer experience improvements can be gained through the adoption and use of new technologies."

* U.S. revenue only.