Now that the Top 100 list of 2022 is out, it’s time to see how these companies stack up against one another in their respective markets.

The Top 100 list ranks roofing contractors based on self-reported revenue from the prior year, showing which contractors are among the best-performing in the nation. The regional list also ranks these contractors by revenue, but also sorts them by one of 10 regions the companies selected that best encapsulates their market or location.

As a result, contractors have a chance to shine in their regional rankings. O’Hara’s Son Roofing Company in Chicago, which ranked 24th on the Top 100 list, is in the top three for its region (East North Central).

“We are on course for continued growth financially,” said Luke Coleman, CEO of O’Hara’s Son Roofing. “Despite the many challenges presented by supply chain disruptions and the COVID-19 pandemic, we have maintained business operations and seen jobs to successful completion in record time throughout 2022.”

Many of the companies are spread out throughout the nation, so they selected the region of their headquarters or main markets. In doing so, some interesting trends appeared. The area with the most representation is the South Atlantic, including states like Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. The area with the least representation, with only two companies, is the New England area.

View the Top 100 by Region list below.