Each year, RC determines the top-performing roofing contractors in the nation with its Top 100 list. But when broken down further, contractors can now see how they stack up with their regional competitors.

As RC gears up to find the top residential and commercial roofing contractors for its 2022 list, we’re proud to present the 2021 Top 100 contractors by region. Much like the 2021 Top 100 list, the regional list is ranked based on self-reported revenue from 2020. Contractors were then asked to select one of nine regions that best encapsulates their market.

Many of the companies that ranked first in their region are spread out throughout the nation, but selected the region of their headquarters or main markets. This has also shifted many companies to be in the top three of their region. For instance, BluSky Restoration Contractors earned the 30th spot on the overall list, but is at the top for the East South Central Region. Like many contractors in 2020, they invested in new avenues and ways to generate business in an economy stifled by the pandemic.

“BluSky invested in The Edge estimating software, Sales Force CRM,” said Troy Osborne, vice president of commercial roofing for BluSky Restoration Contractors. “We also hired regional directors to build our brand as a top tier roofing contractor in every region of the country. We also invested in our operations team by hiring a national Operations Director to train and manage our operations teams throughout the country.”

Some regions are well represented, while others have a mere handful of entries, giving contractors an opportunity to represent their region in the 2022 Top 100 list. The deadline to submit a company for the 2022 Top 100 list is June 1, 2022. Click here for more information. There is no cost to submit a Top 100 entry.

View the 2021 Top 100 Regional list here.