As we have for more than a dozen years, RC continues to seek out the roofing contractors in both residential and commercial sectors meeting and often exceeding expectations when it comes to annual revenue with our Top 100 list.

The RC team collected 2020 annual sales revenue totals submitted independently by roofing companies from coast to coast throughout the first half of this year. The revenue information provided was self-reported and completely voluntary. The result is a compiled list of the highest-earning roofing professionals industrywide, and we knew this year’s list was going to be different.

The industry undoubtedly took a hit as the COVID-19 pandemic paused all roofing and manufacturing operations in the first quarter. However, strong advocacy and common sense practicality in most state legislatures deemed roofing essential in most places, and work resumed to newfound demand by the end of the second quarter.

Others innovated, and took advantage of the time to focus on training, stepping up their technological capabilities and exploring new business ventures.

“2020 was a tremendous challenge,” said Jack Scalo, CEO for the Scalo Companies. “But through the obstacles, we were able to create some exciting new opportunities, including a major asset purchase agreement, a new multi-year brand partnership with a championship sports team (Pittsburgh Penguins), and building out our IT and communication infrastructure to adhere to social distancing requirements. We found strength through adversity.”

The surge in roofing demand — primarily in residential markets dealing with record storms — created beneficial backlogs. But it also led to material shortages and price increases that started to show cracks in the North American roofing supply distribution chain. And it was just the beginning. Roofing contractors are now dealing with unprecedented shortages in so many critical roofing materials that the impact of the pandemic seems smaller.

Looking back at 2020 with a hint of nostalgia and some appreciation seems unconscionable, but given today’s challenges, may be understandable. One thing is for certain — 2020 was a year for roofers to remember for many reasons, especially for those on or in the vicinity of this year’s Top 100 list.