The COVID-19 pandemic was the story of 2020, especially when it came to businesses. In the roofing world, those contractors that could adapt quickly did, and even started to thrive.

“As an essential service provider, CentiMark quickly adapted to both the public and private mandates and restrictions that were put in place,” said Tim Dunlap, president and CEO of this year’s top spot holder on RC’s Top 100 list. “During the seven month period from April through October 2020, revenues were down only 10% from the same period in 2019.”

By controlling discretionary spending during that same timeframe, the company’s operating income was down only 7% from the same period of the prior year, and set the stage for a strong rebound — finishing the year with a reported $813 million in revenue.

Those that didn’t adapt swiftly had a harder time recovering, and in some cases didn’t make it to Q4 this year. While the country came to a halt for a period of time, the pandemic acted as an accelerator in several ways, including here at RC. For the first time, RC is publishing its annual Top 100 list before August.

The response from readers was so strong and overwhelmingly positive, that switching up the format made little sense. So a new tradition continues as we celebrate the Top 100, first by highlighting the top 10 revenue producing companies that submitted entries for 2020. Yes, there are some familiar names here, but some surprises, too.

Regardless of their placement on the list, the companies that stayed at the top indicated that even the biggest contractors in the industry had something to learn and apply to their core strengths in 2020.

“We have invested in digital services that will enhance the customer and employee experience,” said John Geary, chief marketing officer for Nation’s Roof. “This will make it easier and faster for us to respond to our customers and track progress throughout each phase of a project, start to finish. We also made additional investments in safety equipment, which reduces risk and demonstrates to our teammates and clients our commitment to doing things the right way.”

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Top 100 Rank Company Location 2020 Revenue Number of Employees
1 CentiMark Corporation Canonsburg, Pa. $813 million 3,500
2 Tecta America Corp. Rosemont, Ill. $740 million 3,500
3 Flynn Group of Companies Multiple in U.S. and Canada $286 million (U.S. revenue) 6,500
4 Nations Roof Mobile, Ala. $249 million 1,000
5 Mr. Roof/Able Roofing Columbus, Ohio $180 million 310
6 BEST Contracting Services, Inc. Gardena, Calif. $166 million 591

Empire Roofing

Fort Worth, Texas

$155 million 650
8 Corey Construction Houston, Texas $149 million 137
9 Greenwood Industries, Inc. Worchester, Mass. $133 million 600
10 CMR Construction & Roofing Haltom City, Texas $122 million 500