The 2023 Top 100 list has been out for a few months, showcasing the top roofing contractors nationwide. But now it’s time to see how these top contractors compare when organized by their respective regions.

Like in previous years, Roofing Contractor determines the Top 100 by self-reported revenue, with companies ranked based on that number. Our 2023 regional list is ranked similarly but instead sorts the companies into one of nine regions each listed as best representing their market or location.

Some companies have locations across the country or in multiple regions. In that instance, firms choose the region where their headquarters or most of their locations or businesses reside. The region with the most representation (28 companies) is the South Atlantic, while the area with the least is the Pacific, with only three companies.

The list below shows the company’s national Top 100 ranking, followed by how it ranks within its region. Some companies remained within top spots, such as the billion-dollar Tecta America and CentiMark Corporation, but others can claim they’re among the top in their region.

Among those companies is Las Vegas-based Commercial Roofers, Inc., which is No. 41 in the Top 100 list but is No. 1 in the Mountain region (which includes Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada). The company continues implementing a near-term strategic plan that uses new operating and CRM software while remaining on top of trends like environmentally friendly roofing projects.

Nine Regions Nationwide

“In 2022 and beyond, we will continue to see increased productivity due to many factors,” Ashley Gould-Jager, Commercial Roofer’s marketing and business development director, told RC in its Top 100 submission. 

“One is our constant focus on safety,” Gould-Jager added. “Throughout the organization, safety is one of our top priorities; this helps to maintain our excellent 0.65 EMR rating and creates additional opportunities for growth.”

View the 2023 Top 100 regional list below.