The past couple of years have been trying for every industry, including roofing, due to the global pandemic and supply issues. Despite this, many roofing contractors hunkered down, found ways to improve their business and grow. That includes these contractors who are on the cusp of making the Top 100 list. Check out RC’s “Ones to Watch” list.


The Roofing Company

Scope of Work: 30% commercial, 70% residential

Location: Granby, Colo.

Founded: 1976

Specialty: Mountain roofing

Number of Employees: 60

2022 Revenue: $10,000,000

How you’ll make the list next year? “We have expanded our marketing campaigns and operations into different regions within our area,” said Corey Stafford, financial controller. “This is something we do throughout the year, typically, but this past year, we were able to keep our operations expanded; rather than scaling them back during the slow times of the year.”



Thoroughbred Construction Group LLC

Scope of Work: 60% commercial, 40% residential

Location: Ashland, Ky.

Founded: 2017

Specialty: Roofing, siding and gutter services in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, including Tesla Solar Roofs

Number of Employees: 30

2022 Revenue: $9,191,995

How you’ll make the list next year? “We have drastically relied on the digital world for company leads, but we also opened up our approach to referrals so we focused more on our in-house structure on obtaining more referrals from the community within all departments,” said Chad Dowdy, vice president. “We now offer a full referral program and pay special commissions for non-company provided leads. We have learned that when employees are happy and have the tools and resources they need to perform their duties, productivity increases.”



Graham Roofing Incorporated

Scope of Work: 100% commercial, 0% residential

Location: West Point, Miss.

Founded: 1971

Specialty: Commercial contractor offering everything from new construction to coatings, skylights, retrofits, maintenance and emergency service.

Number of Employees: 45

2022 Revenue: $6,800,128

How you’ll make the list next year? “We have a great social media presence on all the major platforms. We keep our website (informational) up-to-date,” said Christee Holbrook, president. “We work very hard at building and maintaining customer relationships. We will be having a lunch-n-learn during fourth quarter for our local architects, GCs, schools/universities and building owners. We will focus on industry updates.”


Newman Roofing

Scope of Work: 1% commercial, 99% residential

Location: Sunbury, Ohio

Founded: 1992

Specialty: Residential reroofing and gutters

Number of Employees: 23

2022 Revenue: $11,700,000

How you’ll make the list next year? “We are constantly looking for ways to decrease waste and increase efficiency,” said Alyssa Newman, office and marketing manager. “To grow the company, we continue to focus on the things that helped to lay the foundation; customer service and quality installation.”