As we have for years prior, RC's Top 100 ranks some of the best-performing roofing contractors in the nation based on self-reported revenue. This year's list was no exception when it came to certain companies setting examples for the rest of the industry to consider.

The roofing contractors below are just a few of the companies from both the residential and commercial sectors that persevered a post-pandemic economy, supply chain issues and more to earn a spot on the Top 100 list of 2022. Learn more about what they did in 2021 and how they plan on making strides in the future.


#14 Roofing Corp. of America

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

Region: South Atlantic

Founded: 2003

Specialty: Full-service provider of commercial, industrial, and residential roof replacements and repairs, new roof installation, and ongoing preventative maintenance and inspection.

Number of Employees: 350

2021 Revenue: $125,000,000

2021 Was?: “Strong growth through acquisition,” said Randy Korach, CEO.

2022-23 Will Be?: “Navigating the supply chain environment.”



#17 Infinity Home Services

Location: New Berlin, Wis.

Region: East North Central

Founded: 2012

Specialty: Multiple companies providing residential roofing, siding, window and gutter replacement in primarily the non-insurance market.

Number of Employees: 112

2021 Revenue: $110,400,000

2021 Was?: “2021 was a fantastic year for Infinity. We had incredible growth both organically and through acquisition,” said Josh Sparks, CEO.

2022-23 Will Be?: “Our strategy and budget call for a growth of 17% organically, green-fielding two new locations, and with any luck, acquiring two to three more businesses.”



#28 Advocate Construction

Location: Glendale, Ill.

Region: East North Central

Founded: 2012

Specialty: Residential construction with a focus on green initiatives like solar and environmentally-friendly asphalt shingle products.

Number of Employees: 200

2021 Revenue: $71,618,050

2021 Was?: “Thanks to improved operational efficiency, an increasing headcount, and expansion into new markets, we experienced 30% growth year over year,” said Mike Aleckson, director of accounting.

2022-23 Will Be?: “All of our financial models point to continued growth. We have hired talented people in key new roles, allowing us to expand our corporate infrastructure and support fast sustainable growth.”



#68 Cochran Exteriors LLC

Location: Indianapolis, Ind.

Region: East, North, Central

Founded: 2004

Specialty: Providing residential roofing repairs, replacements and helping homeowners bring their homes to pre-storm condition.

Number of Employees: 46

2021 Revenue: $26,400,000

2021 Was?: “Strong,” said Owner Doug Cochran.

2022-23 Will Be?: “We’re expecting demand to be high. We’re increasing marketing channels, reworking our processes and procedures to drive a better customer experience,” Cochran said.



 #71 Northpoint Roofing Systems

 Location: Woodstock, Ga.

Region: South Atlantic

Founded: 20

Specialty: Using the latest AI technology to provide top-quality service and innovative full-roof protection.

Number of Employees: 92

2021 Revenue: $25,661,893

2021 Was?: “We continue to exceed expectations, and it has caused rapid growth in our team and continued growth in our employees,” said Chelsea Glass, director of marketing. “If storm damage is not causing problems in the market, we then capitalize on penetrating total roof replacements by offering retail promotions or by completing restorations and repairs.”

2022-23 Will Be?: “We recently added a variety of solar solutions for homes and businesses. In addition, solar roofing systems are eligible for tax credits, which will help lower energy bills and even increase property value,” Glass said. “Not only have we added new divisions to provide a competitive advantage, we also have hired new departments, including a marketing department to look at consumers and our messaging to understand our audience and help identify needs.”



#78 Legacy Service

Location: Southampton, Pa.

Region: Middle Atlantic

Founded: 2005

Specialty: All-in-one solution for residential exterior renovation.

Number of Employees: 49

2021 Revenue: $24,008,117

2021 Was?: “It was a good year with a lot of optimization of internal processes,” said Dmytro Muzychko, division manager.

2022-23 Will Be?: “Residential side of business had a good year, but we had a lot of changes and as result experienced a big need in optimization, which, obviously costs efforts and profits. But systems are set and we are definitely better than last year.”



#89 Absolute Construction

Location: Garland, Texas

Region: West South Central

Founded: 2004

Specialty: Providing residential roofing repairs, replacements and helping homeowners bring their homes to pre-storm condition.

Number of Employees: 95

2021 Revenue: $20,400,000

2021 Was?: “Excellent. It provided the amount of (storm) damage that our locations needed to be successful,” said Daniel Askari, president.

2022-23 Will Be?: “We are always growing and looking for ways to improve our business,” Askari said. “We have put team leads into place, purchased a CRM and extended our training company program. We also have goals set as well as bonus and trip incentives.”


#98 Aqua Seal Manufacturing & Roofing

Location: Cayce, S.C.

Region: South Atlantic

Founded: 1995

Specialty: Reroofing services supported by a fully computerized metal shop.

Number of Employees: 98

2021 Revenue: $17,800,000

2021 Was?: “Strong, and growing, despite lots of effort and energy being dedicated to material shortages,” said Mills Snell, COO.

2022-23 Will Be?: “We're signing up work that makes us optimistic about our pipeline, regardless of the broader macroeconomic conditions. We've been proactively communicating and educating customers about the difficult supply chain environment that we're in. We're building trust, where others are burning bridges and trying to exert leverage against customers.”