The especially high interest in Roofing Contractor’s Top 100 List this year provided editors with a glimpse of successful roofing companies from across the nation that continue to thrive amid challenge after challenge in their respective markets.

A number of facts stood out among this year’s entries: roofing demand appears to be strong everywhere as we received entries from all but three states; Texas and Florida continue to be hotbeds of roofing activity and where many of the best contractors find long-term success; And quality, safety and technology matter to the roofers making money. Those were the words used most among all 200-plus entries received this year.

But those aren’t the headlines – not even close. Roofing Contractor’s 2023 Top 100 List includes some significant firsts. It’s the first list with not one, but two companies over the $1 billion mark – including a repeat at the top. It’s also the first list with 20 companies reporting over $100 million in revenue for a single year.

Choosing our Top 100 spotlights – opportunities to highlight specific companies that appear to be surging, or breaching new territory among the roofing elite – is always fun. But combing through this year’s entries was a challenge with so many interesting companies to choose from. Undoubtedly it’s a good problem to have.

The roofing companies selected below represent markets from different regions around the country, and also vary from size and revenue scale. They stand out for their success, consistency in some cases, and how they’re already looking to improve for next year. In a few cases, company representatives also relayed the value of being recognized among the top roofing contractors in the industry.

“As one of the few roofing contractors that can truly serve clients needs across the nation, being listed in the upper echelon of the Top 100 List provides verification of our overall growth,” wrote John Geary, chief marketing officer of Nations Roof.

And others are more practical as to how they use inclusion on the Top 100 List.

“We very much appreciate being on the list each year since 2014!” wrote Carol Walker, office manager with Noland’s Roofing & Solar.

Either way, we appreciate the insight into these great companies and look forward to sharing more with the broader roofing industry soon.


Nations Roof

#5 Nations Roof

Location: Mobile, Ala.

Founded: 2004

Specialty: Offers nationwide commercial roofing services focusing on safety, high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. 

Number of Employees: 1,400

2022 Revenue: $394 million

2022 Was?: “We are very pleased by [both] our top- and bottom-line growth in 2022,” Chief Marketing Officer John Geary said. “In a year that had significant supply chain issues, we [appreciate] how our customers, vendors and teammates across the country responded.”

How do you improve in 2023-24?: “We are well positioned with our growing list of customers to meet their reroofing, repair and maintenance needs,” Geary explained. “Nations Roof [invests] in our people through training, technology and safety practices. Our goal is to be the destination company for roofing professionals … driven to serve customers at the highest level.”


Sterling Commercial Roofing

#38 Sterling Commercial Roofing

Location: Sterling, Ill.  

Founded: 1986

Specialty: Offers roofing, waterproofing, wall panels and architectural sheet metal services in western Illinois and Iowa.  

Number of Employees: 215

2022 Revenue: $61 million

2022 Was?: “Our financial returns dropped slightly from the year before, primarily due to the escalation in material prices,” said President Kevin Froeter. 

How do you improve in 2023-24?: “Material costs are under control,” Froeter said. “We are amazed at the amount of work in the marketplace, with our backlog being the largest it’s ever been. We are working [on] jobsite efficiencies as the best way to increase productivity.” 


Wegner Roofing & Solar

#58 Wegner Roofing & Solar

Location: Billings, Mont.

Founded: 2009

Specialty: Offers residential roofing, siding and solar services with an additional goal of educating, partnering with, and advocating for, customers in Montana, Iowa and the Dakotas.    

Number of Employees: 55

2022 Revenue: $35 million

2022 Was?: “We had an exponential growth year, adding more offices and locations,” COO Shaun Sideris said.  

How do you improve in 2023-24?: “We did just a little better than we planned for [in 2023],” Sideris said. “We strive to hire great people … focused on doing the right thing and being part of something much bigger than themselves.” 


Noland’s Roofing & Solar

#65 Noland’s Roofing & Solar

Location: Clermont, Fla.   

Founded: 2011

Specialty: Licensed roofing and residential home builders that offer windows, doors, gutters cabinets the greater Orlando and Tampa Bay metro areas.     

Number of Employees: 100

2022 Revenue: $31.9 million

2022 Was?: “We were still going strong even with [lingering] pandemic and material availability issues,” said Office Manager Carol Walker. “More homes are being built in this fast-growing area, and our new construction department is growing as well.”  

How do you improve in 2023-24?: “We are beginning to look at generating [a] roofing metal department and have started … using a particular solar company for assisting customers that also want solar installed.” 


ELO Roofing Inc.

ELO Roofing Inc.

LOCATION: Jacksonville, Fla. 


SPECIALTY: Offers residential and commercial roofing services with a primary focus on reroofing Florida, Louisiana and Colorado. 


2022 REVENUE: $23 million

2022 Was…? “Our company has continued to have strong growth over the years,” said Office Manager Lia Martinez. “Last year, we were able to hit higher goals due to the foundation we've built and continue to perfect. ELO is built on family values and through our work in our community. With the quality we strive to bring, we have been able to hit higher goals each year.” 

How do you improve in 2023-24? “We’re completing a few new programs and processes that we think will greatly impact our efficiency,” Martinez said. “The strength of our team is what helps us hit our goals and to aim to higher goals.”



Built Strong Interiors

Built Strong Interiors

LOCATION: Lake Elmo, Minn. 


SPECIALTY: Family-owned and operated roofing company that handles roofing, siding, windows, gutters and insulation in and around the Twin Cities. 


2022 REVENUE: $63.4 million

2022 Was…? “We have implemented a customer service strategy to put people before the products, and we have adapted to a (service) mindset to all Built Strong customers, vendors and employees,” said Sales Manager Reed Asher.

How do you improve in 2023-24? “We’ll grow the team out to include 7-8 teams within our sales chart. We will also be implementing additional training every day,” Asher said. “We’ve initiated several training programs in all facets of the customer experience, striving to be the gold standard in the people business. Customer care is our number one core value.”