While the coatings market has slowly gained popularity in the roofing industry, the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for sustainable roofing and for roofing companies to diversify. Coatings offers roofing professionals solutions in both areas.

“We always find that the coatings actually can extend the life of the roof, and I think that because of COVID — financial costs on the residential and commercial side — I think owners are looking at more opportunities to save long term,” said Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association Executive Director Dan Quinonez during a webinar.

In RC’s 2020 State of the Industry Report, 58% of contractors said they use coatings, making it the fifth most-used product (just under low-slope asphalt at 61%). An analysis of the data shows that 68% of respondents are primarily commercial roofers and 51% are primarily residential roofing companies.

When asked about what trends they expect to see grow, nearly half (45%) of residential roofers said they expect to see an increase in coatings sales in 2021. On the commercial side, 44% of respondents anticipate coatings sales will increase this year.

The coatings market is ripe for entry thanks to the pandemic, so RC sought out to explore what contractors need to know about the current state of coatings and what products contractors should consider with our Roof Coatings Special Section.

From understanding the fundamentals to Q&As with the experts, check out the features in our Coatings Special Section.