When Roofing Contractor asked professionals last year what products they are involved with, the top answer beat out single-ply roofing and steep-slope asphalt shingle.


That product, of course, is metal roofing, with 77% of RC’s State of the Industry saying they work with metal. Of them, 70% were residential contractors and 77% are commercial contractors.


As more property owners come to learn of metal’s many benefits, from its sturdy and durable nature to its ability to be recycled, its popularity continues to soar in the roofing industry. According to the State of the Industry report, architectural standing seam is the most used product at 30%, followed closely by roof edge and gutter systems (28%), structural standing seam (24%) and metal shingles, tiles and shake (15%).


“There’s no doubt homeowners are getting the message: Durable, stronger and longer-lasting quality materials are a much better investment for your home over the long run, especially in light of climate extremes,” said Renee Ramey, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). “That mindset is reflected in the latest numbers and overall growth of the metal roofing industry.”


Despite metal being pricier than the average asphalt roof, metal roofing sales are only expected to increase despite any effects the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. In the residential sector, 56% of contractors expect their sales to go up this year, while 63% of commercial contractors expect metal sales to rise.


But metal isn’t foolproof against the effects of the pandemic and the industry’s supply shortage. In our Metal Special Section, experts cover the current state of the metal industry and how it can contribute to environmental sustainability. We also take a look at stunning projects profiles and showcase some of the best metal roofing products on the market.