Field-Lok Standing Seam Panels

ATAS International

The new Riverview Branch Library in Riverview, Fla., features 44,276 square feet of Field-Lok standing seam metal roof panels, manufactured by ATAS International, in Dove Grey .040 aluminum.  The mechanically seamed panels have a 2-inch seam height and 15 ¼-inch panel width. The 2-inch Field-Lok panel is a double-locked structural panel that can meet severe load requirements. It’s an ideal choice for solar systems due to its long service life and ability to attach PV to the roof with any penetrations. Building owners also benefit from a roofing substrate that has a greater life expectancy than the solar panels. Visit for more information.

WinterGuard® Metal 


CertainTeed® Corp. offers its WinterGuard® Metal roof underlayment for metal, shingle, slate or mechanically fastened tile roofs. Self-adhering and slip-resistant, WinterGuard Metal is unaffected by high temperatures caused by sun exposure during installation or when placed under metal roofing. Clogged gutters, high winds, and ice dams cause water to accumulate on lower sloped roofs, which can cause damage. WinterGuard Metal can combat these elements. It is waterproof, does not rip, and seals around nails driven through it. Visit for more information.

Versapanel Roof Systems


Versapanel Roof Systems deliver the industry’s best combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value. The lightweight panels provide tremendous flexibility with long lengths, various finish options and superior weather resistance, as well as all-weather installation capability. Versapanel is the ideal product to create a modern aesthetic for large-scale buildings like warehouses, industrial facilities, schools and shopping centers. Benefits include an increased span capability to reduce support steep requirements; a thermal break between face and liner to save energy; a factory-applied panel joint sealant, which with the field-applied sealant, creates a weather resistant air and vapor barrier; and snap-on caps to conceal joints for a seamless appearance. Visit for more information.




CFR is an insulated metal roof standing seam roof panel and is the newest innovation in all-in-one composite roof panel design, combining durable interior and exterior faces with Metl-Span’s unmatched PUR core. The CFR insulated metal roof standing seam roof panel is a truly unique answer to many deficiencies common with more traditional roofing materials of the past. In new and retrofit construction, the CFR insulated metal roof standing seam roof panels function as roofing for all types of architectural, commercial and industrial applications. Visit for more details.


Diamond Flat Lock Tiles

Sheet Metal Supply 

Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. offers a wide selection of roofing products, including Diamond Flat Lock Tiles in a variety of materials, including RHEINZINK, copper, stainless steel and PVDF painted metal. These versatile Diamond Flat Lock Tiles offer a simple grid-like design with clean lines. The tiles feature four-way interlocking hems that allow the panels to overlap and lock into place with galvanized or stainless steel clips. Diamond Flat Lock Tiles are fabricated from flat stock and can also be used as wall cladding. Visit for more information.


ABC Metal Roofing

The Retro-R® through-fastened metal panel is an excellent choice for customers looking to prolong the life of a building without damaging the existing R-panel roof. A cost-efficient solution, the Retro-R panel is a high-quality, lightweight option that offers durability and strength. The Retro-R panel offers 36 inches of coverage with a rib height of 11/16ths of an inch in either 29 or 26 gauge. It can be installed to slopes as low as ½:12. The Retro-R is available in Signature® 200 colors and Galvalume Plus®. Visit for more information.



MBCI’s Double-Lok® panels are a mechanically field-seamed, trapezoidal leg standing seam metal roofing system. The Double-Lok concealed fastener roof panel is available in 18- and 24-inch widths and ideal for industrial, commercial and architectural applications. When used in a retrofit application over an existing R-panel, Double-Lok increases energy efficiency and longevity of the structure. Double-Lok requires a minimum slope of ¼:12 and is UL-90 and FM rated with Miami Dade County approvals. Visit for more information.


Metal Depots

Houston, September 1, 2021 – LokSeam® is a snap-together standing seam, concealed fastener roofing system, available in 16- and 18-inch widths. Offered in a variety of colors, LokSeam is ideal for residential applications as well as commercial projects. LokSeam panels can be installed over open framing or a solid substructure, down to slopes as low as 3:12. LokSeam panels are capable of transitioning from roof to fascia with the use of a rib cover. Visit for more information.

SnapTable Pro®

Swenson Shear

Swenson Shear tools for metal roofs are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Each machine produced solves challenges roofing contractors face when prepping metal panels for installation. The SnapTable Pro® Hyper-lite helps contractors increase productivity, maintain consistent quality workmanship, and improve the bottom line. The revolutionary all-in-one, towable machine features three components: 1) a panel cutting tool for consistent, clean cuts 2) a user-friendly hemming tool that helps you consistently create clean lines on your hips, eaves and valleys and 3) a powerful notching tool that notches standing seam ribs on both male and female sides of the metal panel in seconds. Visit for more information.