ALSAN Coating AC 401 Flashing


ALSAN® Coating AC 401 Flashing is a VOC compliant high-quality, single component plasticizer-free water-based acrylic elastomeric roof coating and protective barrier for architectural surfaces and substrates. Made by SOPREMA, it forms a durable weatherproof coating that is highly flexible and resistant to natural weathering with excellent adhesion to most surfaces. Visit for more information.



SMARTCOAT™ is a comprehensive line of liquid-applied, high-performance restoration products engineered for low-slope roofs.  Roof restoration offers many benefits including tear-off cost avoidance. SMARTCOAT coatings are bright-white and highly reflective, allowing building owners to save on energy costs. They are also uniquely formulated for direct-bond to many common roofing substrates, eliminating the need for a primer. In addition, SMARTCOAT Silicone can be recoated, an advantage over many other silicone brands on the market. The SMARTCOAT product line is complemented by outstanding technical and sales support including the option to extend existing CertainTeed asphaltic membrane limited warranties with SMARTCOAT protection. Visit for more information.


Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers

PERMAKOTE® Elastomeric Roof Coating is our most popular coating product for pitched roofs and most substrates (Flat Roof Formula Available). This 100% acrylic, elastomeric roof coating is available in competitors' or custom colors with up to a 15-year warranty. Unsurpassed in technology, PERMAKOTE is an energy-saving reflective coating that offers superior mildew resistance, ceramic insulation and soundproofing, excellent adhesion, UV ray reflectivity and a beautiful matte or semi-gloss finish. This easy-to-apply elastomeric roof coating system will provide many years of durable protection, outstanding beauty and will extend the roof’s life. Visit for more information.


The Garland Company

Extend the life of aged roofs with Garland’s LiquiTec fluid-applied waterproofing system built to form a virtually impenetrable surface over modified bitumen, metal and single-ply systems for years of added waterproofing protection. This two-component, 100% solids, aliphatic polyurea coating contains zero VOCs, is extremely low odor, and cures quickly to form a highly durable, impact and UV-resistant membrane. LiquiTec can also be used as a repair material for maintenance applications and is easily applied by brush, roller and squeegee. Visit for more information.

A-125 Metal Roof Primer

Mule-Hide Products Co.

A-125 Metal Roof Primer from Mule-Hide Products Co. is now an even more versatile solution for priming rusted metal roofs prior to coating. It can now be used with both silicone and acrylic roof coatings. The zinc-rich, water-based acrylic primer prepares the roof for the application of a roof coating restoration system, improving adhesion of the finish coats while encapsulating existing surface rust or flash rust and inhibiting the development of new rust. Its light yellow color changes to a darker amber as the primer dries, providing visual confirmation of the level of cure and readiness for application of the top coatings. Visit for more information.

PolyBrite 70-QS and PG 700-QS

Polyglass USA

As we enter the “shoulder season” when weather can be more unpredictable, Polyglass can provide confidence to the applicator to proceed on the days where weather might be different in 30-45 minutes. With Polyglass’ two quick-setting acrylic coatings, PolyBrite 70-QSand PG 700-QS, they provide some resistance to wash-off after as little as 30-40 minutes dry time, which may extend the application season for contractors. PolyBrite 70-QS is our premium acrylic coating. PG 700-QS is our high-quality acrylic coating. Both have excellent physical properties, comprehensive credentials, and code approvals. Some conditions to be considered are temperature, dew, fog, wind and rain. Knowing the appropriate approach to weather conditions makes us the professionals in the coating industry. Visit for more information.

Duro-Shield Coatings and Materials


Duro-Shield Coatings and Materials from Duro-Last can be used on a variety of substrates and are manufactured to help revitalize the life cycle of this critical asset. Duro-Shield Silicone is a silicone-based roof coating designed to resist natural weathering while providing long-lasting watertight protection. Its brilliant white finish offers superior reflectivity and energy savings, and additional color options are available to meet a variety of aesthetic needs. Duro-Shield Acrylic Roof Coatings are 100% elastomeric acrylic and are designed to seal and protect a variety of substrates. Visit to learn more.

RoofShield I.S. Fast-Dry Elastomeric Acrylic Coating


GAF RoofShield® I.S. Fast-Dry Elastomeric Acrylic Coating is a perfect match for cool roofing solutions, given the high reflectivity of its white surface. The water-borne acrylic polymer dispersion system provides fast, efficient installations with a high film build that can be applied in a single coat (up to 60 wet mils). It is quickly resistant to rainwater wash-off and also provides faster dry-to-touch time than traditional acrylic coatings. With proper preparation, RoofShield I.S. is compatible with various substrates, including TPO, EPDM, granulated BUR, structural concrete, and metal, among others. For more information, please visit

Pro-Grade 988 Silicone White Roof Coating 

Henry Company

Henry Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone White Roof Coating is a best-in-class high solids, one-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coating system. Complemented by a comprehensive accessory portfolio that is designed to reduce application time and labor cost, the Pro-Grade silicone system delivers years of durable and sustainable protection for building owners. Visit for more information.

Single Ply Liquid Flashing Resin

Johns Manville

JM Single Ply Liquid Flashing Resin is a two-part, cold-applied, polyurethane-based product that combines the ease of a liquid application with the strength of a reinforcing scrim. The result is a uniform self-terminating ‑flashing ideal for tying together JM single ply membranes with most common roofing materials. For more information, view Johns Manville’s brochure on SP Liquid Flashing Resin.