Fluid-Applied Roofing System • American WeatherStar

The Ure-A-Sil flat-roof restoration system from American WeatherStar is proven to restore and protect commercial roofing. The system is designed with the strength and durability of Urethane 520 and the superior UV resistance of Silicone 410. This cool-roofing system also has the ability to withstand ponding water. For more information, visit www.americanweatherstar.com.


Roof-Coating Systems • Firestone Building Products

Firestone Building Products has two coating programs offering a variety of benefits, including substantial energy savings and extended roof life. AcryliTop™ Coating protects EPDM and modified bitumen roof systems, and white AcryliTop coating exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR standards by reflecting about 68 percent of the sun’s energy after just three years. The company’s Industrial Elastomeric Roof Coating system provides a full product line including rust inhibitors, elastomeric seam tapes, primers, acrylic patching cements and top coatings to properly protect any metal roof. For more information, visit http://firestonebpco.com/roofing/accessories/acrylitop/.


Elastomeric Coating • GAF

GAF has introduced WeatherCote™ Elastomeric Coating, a water-based acrylic roof coating that provides a durable, protective weathering layer for low-slope roofs. The coating is highly reflective, directing heat and UV rays away from the building. With a high 88 percent initial reflectivity, it reduces wear and tear on the membrane below as well as lowers the temperature inside the building, saving energy costs during summer months. For more information, visit www.gaf.com.


Eco-Friendly Roof Coating • The Garland Company

Garland’s Pyramic® white, ENERGY STAR-qualified coating preserves asphaltic or modified bitumen surfaces. Its bright-white reflective pigments keep solar heat out of the building, slowing down roof aging and extending the life of the roof system. The coating’s high-performance acrylic polymers provide added strength, flexibility, adhesion and color retention to aged roofing systems. The coating is also formulated to provide a superior fire-retardant surface. For more information, visit www.garlandco.com.


Silicone Coating • KARNAK

KARNAK 670 Karna-Sil is a highly reflective, 100 percent silicone roof coating designed specifically for the protection of all types of commercial roofing systems. The coating meets ASTM D-6694; is a 100 percent silicone formulation; is high solids and low VOC; resists ponding and has low permeance. The product is highly reflective, highly emissive, and ENERGY STAR and CRRC rated. It’s rated, listed or compliant with: UL Class A, NSF, CRRC, FBC, Title 24, and Miami Dade County. For more information, visit www.karnakcorp.com.


Cool-Roof System • Kemper System America

KEMPEROL® Reflect 2K FR is a cold liquid-applied reinforced membrane system with a highly reflective surface (SRI 110) that helps dramatically reduce the impact of solar rays on building cooling systems. The system was engineered in Germany, tested at FM and UL, and proven valuable especially in warmer climates and areas with above-average sunshine. The resin system consists of 70 percent rapidly renewable resources; achieves Class A for fire-rated assemblies; and is odor-free, solvent-free and low VOC. For more information, visit www.kempersystem.net


Elastomeric Coating • KM Coatings

Xtreme Finalcoat is a high-solids, water-based elastomeric roof coating designed for use over new and existing roof systems, and it’s formulated for use as a base coat over a wide variety of roof substrates. The high-solids content allows for less coating needed to obtain a higher dry-film thickness on the roof while still qualifying for manufacturer’s warranties. Manufactured by KM Coatings Mfg., its bright-white finish becomes the roof’s first layer of UV and waterproofing protection, while its advanced elastomeric properties reduce expansion and contraction of the roof. For more information, visit www.kmcoatingsmfg.com.


Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings • Mule-Hide Products

Mule-Hide professional-grade Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings help contractors deliver lasting restorations that extend roof life while adding reflectivity and emissivity. The line includes Metal Roof Primer, Flashing Grade, standard-finish coatings and specialty-finish coatings, such as Skylight Finish. Complete systems are available for use over metal, asphaltic substrates and areas where ponded water occurs. The EPDM Restoration System™ includes EPDM ReSurface Agent™ to prepare the surface for A-300 Finish, ensuring tough adhesion. A-300 and A-320 Finish are CRRC rated and ENERGY STAR listed. A-600 Base is formulated for use over aged TPO. For more information, visit www.mulehide.com.


Elastomeric Coating • National Coatings

AcryShield® A550 is an elastomeric cool roof coating offering urethane-like qualities with two to three times the level of elongation and tensile strength of traditional products. It provides superior protection against foot traffic and physical abuse, and has excellent reflectivity capabilities to minimize energy costs. The coating exceeds ASTM D6083 and provides the following benefits: seamless waterproofing, acrylic durability, prolonged roof life, extra toughness, renewability, energy savings and zero VOCs. For more information, visit www.nationalcoatings.com.


Silicone Coatings •  Polyglass U.S.A.

Polyglass’ silicone roof coatings provide building owners with a white, reflective roof surface designed to provide years of durable, chemical-resistant protection. The coatings can extend the life of the roof while exhibiting great weathering, dirt and chemical resistance; reduce energy costs via lower roof-surface temperatures; and are backed by multiple warranty term options. For more information, visit www.polyglass.us.


Cool Roof Coating Solutions • Quest Construction Products

Quest Construction Products offers a complete line of fluid-applied roof coatings that are simple to install and have a proven track record of performance. Along with providing code-compliant solar reflectivity, the roof coatings help reduce cooling costs and maintenance expenses. From acrylic to silicone to hybrid technologies, the full product range is formulated to perform, and can address any substrate and geographic climate challenges. The coatings are Cool Roof Rating Council rated and CA Title 24 compliant. For more information, visit www.coatings2015.com


Elastomeric Coatings • TAMKO

TAMKO’s TAM-STAR White Elastomeric Coatings products are ENERGY STAR qualified and listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council. These brilliant-white mixtures of acrylic copolymers and reflective pigments reflect up to 84 percent of the sun’s rays.  The White Elastomeric Coating has a 10-year limited warranty and may be used for coating over metal or asphalt roofing by brush, roller or spray. The line also includes TAM-STAR White Elastomeric Roof Coating with a 7-year limited warranty. TAM-STAR White Patching Cement, White Acrylic Primer and White Mesh Roof Fabric are used as part of the three-step process utilized in all applications. For more information, visit www.tamko.com.


Cool Roof Coatings • Topps Products

Roofs coated with Topps Products cool-roof coatings continue to demonstrate actual savings in energy costs. Building owners, facility managers and tenants enjoy reduced energy bills and rest assured that the contents of their building will remain dry. Users can enjoy up to 25 percent reduction in cooling costs. This retail building in Tennessee (right) achieved a 24.5 percent energy-use reduction in summer months after a Topps Seal® System 1000 application. This data was provided by the local utility provider, and the study was conducted during a comparative period prior to and after Topps Seal application. Results will vary from building to building. For more information, visit www.toppsproducts.com.