As more people learn about the durability and sustainability that metal roofing offers, the roofing system’s popularity has only skyrocketed. If your roofing business isn’t involved in metal, now is the time to consider entering the market.

In Roofing Contractor’s 2023 State of the Industry, contractors said metal roofing was their second largest revenue generator at 81% for residential and 82% commercial, respectively. These are higher than last year’s survey results (78% and 81%), suggesting more consumers are aware of metal’s benefits.

“I think we're finding many more contractors that use metal to differentiate themselves,” said Karan Patel, metal product manager at Elevate. “They're certainly looking at metal as a category where they can ‘highlight’ their skill. Because it's one of the only assemblies you can see from the ground, it does provide a way for you to put your ‘statement’ or ‘trademark’ on that particular roofing assembly.”

But there are hurdles for contractors to overcome. Misconceptions about return on investment run rampant and, much like the rest of the industry, the shortage of incoming workers and leaders in the metal space is troublesome. That’s why RC reached out to experts in the field to catch you up on all things metal roofing in our 2023 Metal Special Section.

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