Owner, Co-Founder, Tejas Roofworks + Restoration

LOCATION: Rockwall, Texas

WEBSITE: tejasroofworks.com

FAMILY STATUS: Wife: Jessica; five children, two grandchildren

Tejas Roofworks + Restoration is very much a reflection of its owners – young in the roofing industry but finding major success with a lot to prove.

Entering the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area with a new roofing company is a bold move, with tens of thousands of other roofing companies already hustling in the saturated market. But none of that deterred Jared Jimenez and Nathan Schnefke when, after navigating 30 years of corporate America, decided to take their business acumen to the world of roofing.

But they weren’t alone. After reaching out to a roofing podcast they enjoyed, they received a helping hand from the host to start their company, and thus, Tejas Roofworks + Restoration was born.

Similar to his company’s unique origins, Owner and Co-Founder Jimenez came to roofing from an unlikely background. A graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in Biological Sciences — where he also played varsity golf — he worked for a medical device company and became territory manager until growing tired of the inefficiencies and red tape he encountered. 

As someone who enjoys building and working with his hands, roofing was a natural fit, and he takes pride in helping customers receive a “Texas tough” roof on their homes and buildings.

RC: How long have you been in the roofing industry, and how did you get your start?

JJ: We came from corporate America, wanted to start our own company and landed on roofing. We were trying to soak all the information in the early stages and listened to a podcast called “Limitless Roofing Show.” We learned that they were local to Dallas and reached out. They agreed to meet us for lunch and we learned that [Co-Owner Nathan Schnefke’s] brother-in-law was in a church group with them — small world. They ended up agreeing to help us start our company!

Since then, we have invested into consulting every year with other companies that have helped us grow to where we are now. Our first year we did about $1 million, year two about $2 million, and this year we will finish close to $4 million.

RC: What types of work does your company do?

JJ: Residential, commercial, new construction, reroofing, maintenance.

RC: What are the top reasons why the company is successful?

JJ: 1) We’ve always sought out mentors and consultants, which has helped us learn from other people’s mistakes before we make them. 2) We have been willing to put money back into the company. 3) Bringing our corporate business acumen to a blue-collar industry.

RC: What are the big challenges in your particular market?

JJ: DFW is one of the biggest markets for new roofs because of the amount of hail in the area. There are over 10,000 roofing companies to compete with.

RC: Do you see your age as an advantage or disadvantage in this business?

JJ: I don’t see it as either.

RC: What area of the roofing business are you the most passionate about?

JJ: I’m most passionate about our customers, helping them navigate through their claims.

RC: What’s next? What are your future plans for the business?

JJ: We would love to get more involved in commercial roofing. More involved in the local community.

RC: What are you doing when you are not thinking about roofing?

JJ: Probably golfing with one of my kids.

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