Business Development, Ace Roofing

LOCATION: Bozeman, Mont.


FAMILY STATUS: Married, four children

Samuel Brokenshire’s roofing journey in North America started on the other side of the world. Raised in Melbourne, Australia, Brokenshire left Down Under in 2006 as a high school student to complete a trade apprenticeship. Not long after, he met an American girl that would become his wife and he immigrated to the United States. The settled in Western Montana, and in 2017, Brokenshire joined Ace Roofing. He’s since worked his way up through almost every position in the company to now where he has an ownership stake and handles business development.

That will be one busy department as Ace continues to grow rapidly. Ready for all types of roofing jobs, the company has a strong focus on the commercial market, and handles a mix of both new construction and roof replacement/repair. Brokenshire said the company’s strength is taking on the tougher jobs other roofing contractors don’t touch.

“The more complex the project the better,” he said during a meeting on Young Guns at the 19th annual Best of Success conference in Dallas last December.

At 33, he’s making a mark within his company and looking to help foster career paths for others that share the passion for business and leaving people with a positive overall experience. He believes that’s not just common for people in his age group willing to put in the work.

“People want meaning and purpose, but I think that is cross generational,” he said. “I advanced my career the old fashioned way, by working hard and producing results.”

RC: How long has your company been in the roofing industry?

SB: 2024 is Ace Roofing’s 20th year in business. The company comes from humble beginnings started by Jake Magalsky in Wilsall, Mont. Over the last seven years we have experienced exponential growth, going from a small handful of employees to over 25 in the office and 70 guys out there in the field.

RC: What type of work do you do -- residential, commercial, new construction, re-roofing, maintenance?

SB: All of the above, but primarily commercial.

RC: What are the top reasons why the company is successful?

SB: We’re creating a culture that attracts good people and rewarding performance quickly. We’re also quick to have our team’s back, and provide opportunities for advancement internally.

RC: What are the biggest challenges in your market?

SB: Labor. We are in a small market with a very high cost of living, and we have to get creative, pay well and have a culture that people want to be a part of.

RC: Do you see your age as an advantage or disadvantage in this business?

SB: An advantage. Most of our team are young, energetic, hungry and looking to leave their mark!

RC: What area of the roofing business are you the most passionate about?

SB: Providing quality opportunities through career development for people that see the value in that.

RC: What’s Next?

SB: We just became a part of Omnia Exterior Solutions, which is a very exciting move for our company and for me personally.

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