Owner, Co-Founder, Tejas Roofworks + Restoration

LOCATION: Rockwall, Texas


FAMILY STATUS: Wife: Shelby; Children: Maddox, Barrett, Micah

Nathan Schnefke and Jared Jimenez worked in executive careers within corporate America for decades. Longtime friends, the two determined it was time to combine their acumen and start a business they could call their own. It had to be something that benefitted their community and would also be a legacy for their families and — after months of research — they chose roofing.

They committed to a learning deep dive to avoid making rookie mistakes that could snare the otherwise unsuspecting contractor principals, listening to episodes of the “Limitless Roofing Podcast.” To their good fortune, it turned out the podcast hosts, like them, were Dallas locals; Schnefke and Jimenez reached out to the hosts and asked for a meeting.

One meeting turned into multiple, and subsequently, the podcasters came to a consulting agreement with the fledgling roofing contractors, and Tejas Roofworks + Restoration became real.

Schnefke is no stranger to grit and determination. A former Texas Army National Guard infantryman, he earned a business degree from Kansas State University and spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in real estate. He still maintains his license, but in 2020, he had a “Jerry Maguire moment,” as he described it, and realized he wanted to start his own business.

Since then, Tejas Roofworks + Restoration has taken off, and Schnefke finds joy in spending his time outdoors helping customers be safe and protected in their buildings with high-quality roofs.

RC: How long have you been in the roofing industry, and how did you get your start?

NS: One night [Jared Jimenez and I] were at dinner together and concluded we wanted to start a company that we owned, served our community and would be a legacy business for our families. Through months of due diligence and prayer, we landed in the roofing industry.

One podcast we found beneficial was [a] podcast called “Limitless Roofing Podcast,” hosted by Dylan McCabe and Miller Weedn. We did some digging and learned they were local to Dallas, so we [contacted] them. After many meetings, we ended up in a consulting agreement where they helped us get our business started — the first investment in our company and one of the wisest decisions we made. We are tight with Dylan and Miller to this day.

RC: What reasons do you attribute to your company’s success?

NS: We’ve always sought out mentors and consultants to help us build our business the smart and [proper] way. Second, we very deliberately re-invest in the company; we also bring levels of professionalism and business acumen from our corporate experience. [We’ve] successfully parlayed that into an industry and trade we have grown to love, and, lastly, we are building a culture where our clients and employees are authentically valued and cared for.

RC: What are the big challenges in your particular market?

NS: DFW is one of the biggest, most competitive roofing markets due to storm damage and new construction. I think that people like to work with us because our authenticity comes through in our interactions and processes — authenticity in our interactions, in our work and in our words. We are also big on healthy culture: creating it, building it and maintaining it so our team and their families can flourish and thrive.

RC: Do you see a generational difference in your own company: if so, what are the benefits? Challenges?

NS: We are new to the roofing industry, which benefits us by providing a fresh perspective that’s backed by executive-level corporate experience. We have a robust tech stack and are focused on building efficiencies and communications in our processes that, in turn, create an amazing customer experience.

RC: What area of the roofing business are you the most passionate about?

NS: We’re most passionate about successful client experiences and using our company to serve our community.

RC: Are you involved in any trade associations, youth contractor councils, or professional organizations that you’d like to highlight?

NS: RCAT, NTRCA, AAGD, Directorii.

RC: What are you doing when you are not thinking about roofing?

NS: Hanging out with my friends and family at local events and restaurants in Rockwall or hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains.

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