While legitimate fears about the roofing industry’s future remain, with unabating labor shortages at the fore, there are legitimate reasons to believe the next several years and beyond will be flush for the sector based on the caliber of up-and-coming leaders waiting in the wings to assume the mantle.  

Some are seizing the day, whether taking on greater responsibilities within their roofing companies or asserting themselves industry-wide through innovation and activism. 

In the newsroom, we know them as Young Guns, a group of roofing contractors and industry professionals age 40 and under who leave their mark and make a difference in various ways. We celebrate them annually at RC’s Best of Success conference and are happy to introduce the latest crop of YGs to our broad readership. 

Though young, there’s much to be gained from their unique experiences in roofing; we hope some of the optimism, enthusiasm, and passion for success these 2023 Young Guns have will reach roofing contractors everywhere. 

Young Gun Samuel Brokenshire Young Gun Jason Couto Young Gun Jared Jimenez Young Gun Vincent Malizia Young Gun Anthony Markgraf Young Gun Jody Roberts Young Gun Nathan Schnefke Young Gun Jenny Smith