While widespread concerns about workforce and the aging out of veteran roofing contractors persist industrywide, there is a new wave of roofing professionals honing and developing their skills, ready to usher in a new era of innovation and achievement to propel the field forward. The editors at Roofing Contractor call them our Young Guns, and we offer these brief introductions into the up-and-coming roofers already making a difference in their respective companies and eager to improve the industry.

Art Aisner is editor of Roofing Contractor. Do you know our next candidate for an upcoming Young Guns feature? Let him know at 248-244-6497 or aisnera@bnpmedia.com.


Young Guns: Blaine AdamsYoung Guns: Charlie DuniganYoung Guns: Danny KirkpatrickYoung Guns: JD HeineyYoung Guns: Tommy Thomas