J.D. Heiney has only been working in the roofing industry for a relatively short time, but ask his boss, former RC Young Gun Josey Parks, about his impact on his company, and he’d say it’s immeasurable. In his first year with the company, Heiney delivered nearly $2 million in sales revenue and has since taken the sales reins at JWales Home Solutions. He crossed the $2 million in sales last year and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

RC: What types of work does your company do?

J.H.: JWales Home Solutions focuses on residential home improvement ranging from roofing, siding, windows, and doors, as well as roof maintenance programs.

RC: Give us the top three reasons for the company’s success:

J.H.: We focus on the customer and making sure the job is done right and customer is taken care of. As an organization, we foster a close-knit, family atmosphere. It’s important that you hire good people and get along with your co-workers. This make work fun and enjoyable. We also offer the best materials and products in the industry to ensure quality and longevity to our customers.

RC: What are some of the biggest challenges in your market?

J.H.: Our biggest challenges are being in a non-licensing state which invites a lot of fraud and many fly-by-night companies that do sub-par work and then disappear. This unfortunately creates greater trust barriers with potential customers that can be difficult to overcome. Another challenge is the drastic changes in insurance coverages and how restrictive policies are becoming regarding hail- and storm-related damages. Being in a market with yearly hail storms, these changes are making it more difficult for homeowners to get their roofing needs met through insurance. 

RC: How are you addressing those challenges?

J.H.: We do our best to make sure the customer experience is positive so we can use their positive experiences with our company as a way to earn the trust of potential customers. Having a great reference database helps you earn trust and credibility in the market. We also try to notify homeowners of insurance industry changes so that they can be better prepared to know their coverages and prepare themselves for future storms.

RC:  How has your company changed in recent years?

J.H.: Metal Roofs of Texas started out exclusively as a residential metal roofing company. As we’ve grown and been able to better understand homeowner’s needs, we’ve incorporated other areas of home improvement to offer a more well-rounded, one-stop solution for customers. JWales Home Solutions was created with this goal in mind. We can handle any roofing needs a customer may have, but also siding, windows and doors.

RC: What types of new technology have you recently adopted?

J.H.:  Our company embraces technology and is leading the way in development of tools harnessing A.I. (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to improve canvassing and marketing efficiency. Satellite imagery tools are also great tools for providing homeowners with instant scope reports and estimates. The trend is definitely toward A.I. and machine learning as a way to improve marketing and canvassing efficiency, which improves our bottom line.

RC: Do you see a generational difference within your own company?

J.H.: Our company has a great mix of older and younger generations. We learn a lot from older, wiser leaders in the company, but it’s the young guys that many times have fresh perspective and help improve many of our processes. You can’t resist change in this industry. Change must be embraced to ensure continued success.

RC: Do you see your age as an advantage or disadvantage in this business?

J.H.: I have not found my age to create any disadvantages in this industry. I believe age is just a number. It’s your attitude and effort that define your success. I’ve found that it is important to pace yourself and remember that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Be steady, consistent and keep moving forward no matter what your age.

RC: What area of your roofing business are you the most passionate about? Why?

J.H.:  I’m most passionate about training others to succeed. I love to bring on new sales reps and help them achieve their goals and change their lives. It’s very rewarding to see that.

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