Alex Zimmerman hopes to use his experience to help young people see roofing as a quality trade.


RC: What do you do and how did you get here?

A.Z.: I manage our commercial production department, commercial sales team and service/repair division. But at its most basic I’m in business development. Heath Hicks, the owner of AVCO, hired me to grow our commercial division from the ground up. We’re building a service-first organization, focused on helping building owners and organizations manage their roof assets in an effective, economical manner.


RC: Your roofing story is unique because…?

A.Z.: I have done a lot of different things, from owning my own autobody business to insurance adjusting, and now, roofing.


RC: What are some future goals?

A.Z.: Here at AVCO Roofing we have some pretty audacious goals. The biggest of which is to change the roofing industry for the better. I love this industry, and we are dedicated to raising the professionalism, expertise and respectability of the industry as a whole.

From being involved in the effort to license roofers in the state of Texas, to helping young people see roofing as a quality trade to enter, we hope to change the face of roofing for the better.