Chris Gore dove into the roofing industry as a teenager and has loved it ever since.


RC: How did you get into roofing?

C.G.: I started on the roof at a young age working on crews for a family friend’s business. My brother and I spent our summers growing up on the roof so I guess you could say it’s been in my blood for a long time. When I finished up at The Citadel, I got right back in working for a national service company as a service technician. I was given an opportunity to join a company in Charlotte as a junior estimator and was fortunate to have two great mentors to learn under.  


RC: What are some key reasons for your company’s success?

C.G.: The biggest reason for our success is our people. Across the board, we have a great team in place that has truly bought into the goals of the company. From the guys in the field to the office staff, there is a great sense of team surrounding our group.  

Another reason for our success is our ability to communicate. We preach and practice great communication with customers, general contractors, and anyone else we are working with. We deal with so many business owners that are frustrated because they aren’t able to get a return phone call, or a commitment to a deadline met. So, we strive to take the extra steps, return the late phone call or just respond to an after-hours email in order to let our customers know that we are there, and to be there for them as we promised. 


RC: Do you see your age as an advantage in roofing?

C.G.: I think my age is an advantage in the business. Again, I’ve had some great mentors through my career that have really helped mold me in both my personal life, and my business life. I think that seeing the business from so many perspectives and at such a young age has allowed me to develop some strong skills that will help me through the remainder of my career.   


RC: What are you proudest of and please share some future goals?

C.G.: I’ve been able to maintain my life at home with my wife (Hannah) and little girls all while balancing my work load. I’m proud of that, and again, had several folks through my young years tell me that balance needs to be a priority. Probably not the normal answer, but my wife and girls are my everything and they’re definitely my top priority.

Mecklenburg Roofing is my last stop. Owner Myron Ray and I have a strong and trusting relationship, one that’s hard to find in this business. I intend on retiring from Mecklenburg Roofing when the time comes, and until then, focusing on making this company the best company we can.