There’s a lot of attention being paid to reversing the workforce shortage impacting roofing contractors across the country — as there should be. But as the industry works to transform its image and enhance its ability to recruit young talent, the editors at RC are already paying attention to a group of young professionals striving for success in their respective markets. Ones that are eager to learn, consistently demonstrating leadership on the rooftop or in the office, and share a desire to not only enhance their careers, but improve the industry as a whole.

We call them our Young Guns, and celebrate their nominations annually at RC’s Best of Success conference every fall. Here’s a brief introduction to the individuals 40 years old or younger that are injecting a lot of enthusiasm and optimism to the roofing industry at a
time when it needs young talent to help navigate the changes and challenges a new decade presents. 

2020's Young Guns

Chris Gore


Lindsay Mohns


Brittany Wimbish


Alex Zimmerman


Michelle Boykin


Jake Woods


Matt Behmer


Charles Trotter