At the age of 24, Charles Trotter is excited to see how he will keep growing in the roofing industry.

RC: How did you get your start in roofing and how did you end up at Front Range?

C.T.: I’ve been in the industry for about eight years and have been with Front Range the entire time. I started working in the warehouse when I was 16 and have worked as a delivery driver, shop organizer, on a flat roofing crew, and on a service crew within the company. I’ve been in my current position for two years now.


RC: What are a few of the reasons for the company’s success?

C.T.: We really focus on quality and customer service to provide a great product for our clients. All of our projects are completed exemplifying our core values, which are: excellence, passion, integrity, and gratitude. We also run as a “bottom-up” company and invest in all of our people to help everyone in the company reach their full potential and perform at the highest level possible.


RC: Do you see your age as an asset?

C.T.: It seems to be a non-factor. If anything, I’m grateful to be in the position I’m in at the age I am. It makes me excited to keep growing in the industry. 


RC: What are you most passionate about in roofing and why?

C.T.: I’m definitely most passionate about providing quality and problem solving. If at the end of the day I have a satisfied customer that I’ve helped solve a problem for and they’re happy with the result, then I’ve done my job.  


RC: What are some of your future goals?

C.T.: My plans are to just keep growing with the company. As a company I know we’re just going to keep doing what we do best, which is exemplifying excellence, passion, integrity, and gratitude in everything that we do while installing quality roofs.