It’s no secret it takes a certain degree of individuality and charisma to run a roofing company. The problem is, roofing companies often forgo showing of these dynamic traits when it comes to marketing.

Anna Anderson, CEO of marketing agency Art Unlimited, said roofing contractors should level up their marketing by making sure they’re showing their true selves.

“What is lacking from your marketing that you can impact is the authenticity, the uniqueness of your company, and that goes beyond just the services that you offer,” Anderson said.

Anderson said it can be as simple as picking four or five components of the services you offer and highlighting how your company does it different than the competition. This doesn’t preclude any marketing channels either – your authentic self should reflect in your digital and traditional marketing materials.

Anderson also discusses what aspects of your company you need to be including in your marketing and how you can tap your own employees to bring out the unique qualities of your company.

Watch the full conversation here.