I was taught a long time ago, “The art of communication is the ability to generate a response.” You spend considerable sums to communicate the message that you are the one who knows how to repair or replace a roof. You want to put yourself forward as the one who can be trusted to deliver great results on time and on budget.

No matter what kind of roofing services you offer, if you want to grow or even maintain your roofing business, you must consistently seek out new customers. But you know that. You arm yourself with an impressive website and social media campaign. You manage your SEO, keep track with CRM programs, and watch your online ratings like a hawk.

I want to suggest another thing you may wish to (re)consider when it comes to communicating with your prospective clientele. How about the occasional press release? The mass media is not dead, you know. Some of your prospective customers couldn’t crank up a Facebook page if their lives depended on it.

The non-social media engaged public is still alive and kicking, and it may be wise to reach out to them where they are. Many of them still get their news from the local television station or national news platforms. They may still subscribe to the local newspaper.

I’m not an expert when it comes to the media, be it mass, social, or otherwise. I have, however, been a participant in and borne witness to sweeping changes in information delivery systems. Through it all, with the addition of many new options in the world of communication, the old ways tend to hang on for a time.

So, you may wish to dust off the old word processor and take a whack at giving yourself some public exposure. I never worked at a newspaper in my life (except those years when I delivered them). I certainly never worked in radio or television. I do know, however, that they must all have content. Well-rounded local media, including print and broadcast, make space for informing their audience on topics like home repair. You know about home repair, and the media outlets need content: it’s a win-win.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to reach out to your local media outlets and find out if they have an interest in knowing more about your business, or if there’s a way you can help them out with content. You may wish to begin with some simple press releases to send to local newsrooms letting them know about your philanthropic efforts, or a new promotion in the company, or to announce a new product offering.

You may want to reach out for professional help to write your press releases. The good news is, that’s not terribly expensive. Also, a consultant or agency may save you a good deal of time and money while garnering better results. If you choose to issue press releases in-house, do the work to learn how to make a professional-looking document. Be brief. Be sure to submit high-quality photos, and be sure to send it to us at RC, too, so we can share it with the industry.

Courting the mass media may not be the most effective piece of your marketing, but has the potential to add extra sales to make it worth the effort.