Roofing leads are vitally important, and generally costing roofing contractors more to get than in recent years. With that trend unlikely to reverse anytime soon, maximizing the leads you do have, and the customers you’ve already had positive experiences with, can help generate new opportunities.

In this brief episode of “Dear Anna,” Art Unlimited CEO Anna Anderson shares the importance of rekindling existing roofing leads and a few strategies on how to leverage them to create new business. 

“Reaching back out to those leads that didn’t sign with you, or said they’re going to ‘pause’ is an untapped market,” Anderson said. “Some of our contractors that have a rekindle program in place see it become 10% of their revenue. That’s a really, really big number.”

Anderson also explains how her team conducts random customer service audits with their roofing company clients to get a feel for what the customer experience is really like. The results can be eye-opening.

“Customer service is a key component to a company’s marketing plan,” she said. “Sometimes just looking at how your leads are handled is going to take you from not hitting goals to hitting your goals. And you’re usually not spending more in marketing. You’re just paying more attention to the details.”

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