If roofing contractors are looking for an example of how marketing and being forward-thinking can lead to success, look no further than Victors Roofing.

Victors Roofing in Canton, Mich. has grown from a small company to a huge force in the Detroit-area market. Its owner, Victor Smolyanov, was recognized as a Young Gun in the industry and has spoken at RC’s Best of Success on how to market a roofing business.

In this episode of Dear Anna, RC Publisher Jill Bloom and Art Unlimited CEO Anna Anderson dive into what makes Victors Roofing so successful and what contractors can emulate to improve their own marketing efforts.

“One thing I admire about Victor is his ability to live in the issues and opportunities of today, but he’s always asking for ‘what are the opportunities for tomorrow?’” Anderson said. “That’s a mindset that not everyone has. You need to understand that in marketing, if you want to be that leader in the space that you serve, you have to have that mindset.”

Anderson explains how roofing contractors can adopt this mindset in order to think ahead for marketing as well as the top two things contractors need to analyze when developing marketing goals.

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