The upcoming mid-term election is bound to be one of the most exciting in a while, but how can contractors rise above the oncoming flood of political ads to stay top-of-mind with customers?

Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, tackles that very question in our latest episode of “Dear Anna.” Anderson draws on her years of experience in construction marketing to offer advice on what contractors can do now to avoid having their brands swept away this election cycle.

Anderson’s advice includes how companies in the construction industry can stay relevant, even if they live in a state that is bound to be inundated with political ads. Anderson says those in states like California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida in particular want to start pre-buying media now before it’s all snatched up.

“If you’re looking that far out, there’s usually some opportunity to pre-buy media on a variety of different platforms,” Anderson said. “That’s something that people go, ‘You can’t pre-buy media!’ But in reality, you can lock it in contracts, and there are some things you can pre-buy.”

Anderson also shares other strategies contractors can use to get their names out, whether it’s community campaigns or which media channels to consider.

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