As we have for years prior, Roofing Contractor is gathering information from the top-performing roofing contractors around the nation to create its 2022 Top 100 list. As the list is coming together, some interesting tidbits have surfaced.

 Keep an eye out for the 2022 Top 100 list, set to release in August. Until then, here’s a few interesting facts that hint at how this year is comparing to previous lists.

 Numbers are subject to change as the 2022 Top 100 list is finalized.

 1. Vying for the Top

In most years, the top 10 contractors have remained pretty consistent, with large commercial contractors like CentiMark Corporation, Tecta America, Flynn Group of Companies and Nations Roof. We won’t spoil anything here, but this year might see a little mix up as these companies inched closer to the $1-billion mark in revenue in 2021.

2. Revenue and Staffing

As mentioned above, roofing contractors moved closer to the $1-billion mark in 2021, with some reporting later in the year they achieved that milestone. The overall average of revenue for all contractors on the list is currently hovering around $71.5 million. For comparison, the 2021 Top 100 list’s overall average was $63.1 million while the 2020 list was $64.1 million.

As contractors are keenly aware of, labor continues to be an issue for the industry. This year, the overall average of peak staff for the Top 100 is currently around 312. In 2021, the average was 297, while in 2020 it was 318.

3. Regional Representation

Along with examining the Top 100 contractors at a national level, the list can also be broken down to the Top 100 by region. The 2021 list showed some interesting representation – or lack thereof – from nine regions that best encapsulate their market. In our 2022 list, the most represented region consisted of those in the South Atlantic, followed by the East North Central states. The least represented? The New England area.

4. Residential vs. Commercial

The Top 100 list includes both commercial and residential contractors as well as those who do both. When broken down, the total number of primarily residential contractors was 53, while primarily commercial contractors was 41. Six of the Top 100 contractors are fairly equal in their residential and commercial work when counting those who reported a 50/50 or 60/40 split.


5. Old and New Members

Many contractors have returned to once again make the Top 100 list, while several newcomers have arrived to add to the competition. Some returning entrants have made massive leaps, such as Infinity Home Services (formerly Infinity Exteriors). Thanks to mergers and acquisitions, the company jumped from $19.7 million in the 2019 list to a reported $110 million for this year's list.

“Hopefully on next year’s list we’ll be somewhere in the $200 to $220-million mark,” said Josh Sparks of Infinity Exteriors. “I strongly believe we’re off to a better start.”

One new member in the running for this year's list is Z Roofing & Waterproofing out of Miami, Fla., whose owner, Zachary Expositio, said the past year was challenging but a blessing.

“(2023 will be) an interesting year with new potential industry challenges,” said Exposito. “We hope to see a better labor workforce to grow our staff.”