The use of subcontractors is on the rise in roofing, and in many markets it’s not only the norm, but a critical component to a roofing contractor’s success. The survey data compiled for RC’s 2022 Annual Roofing Report indicated that more than one-third of all work was completed by subs, and the use of subcontractors was up 30% within the previous 12 months. 

Yet all the software platforms and digital innovations emerging in the roofing space has been geared to roofing company leader and general contractors. Until now. STACK Construction Technologies has a system designed to take subcontractors to the next level, said CEO Phil Ogilby in a recent podcast with RC. 

“There’s been a ton of dollars invested in construction technologies over the past 15-20 years, and most of it is flowed into technology focused on the general contractor. We’re the first really to really invest heavily in and build out a solution for subcontractors,” Ogilby explained. 

Ogilby said recent acquisitions of Bid-Retriever and K-Ops, following the 2021 acquisition of SmartUse, have them positioned for success and ready to offer the first cloud-based solution for takeoffs and estimating in the industry. 

Check out the full video here, or download the podcast version here.