It’s August, and for the team here at Roofing Contractor, that means we only have one thing on our minds… compiling a list of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the United States. For the eighth year in a row — with your help — we’ve collected annual sales revenue submissions to create our 2016 list of the highest ranking roofing professionals.

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Roofing contractors from every region and virtually every major market in the country voluntarily reported their company’s revenue and other business statistics for 2015. Some also provided reasons for their continued success over the past year and included valuable insight that could help move contractor’s up or even get on next year’s list.

The revenue information provided was self-reported throughout the first half of 2016. 

As the economy continues to propel forward, it’s clear that the fast-paced roofing industry is moving right alongside it. Though a few familiar names have remained on top for another year, there are a number of new companies that have earned their spot on this year’s list, demonstrating that hard work does pay off. In addition, many companies reported an increase in revenue from their 2014 numbers, and most described high hopes of continued momentum through 2016.

The top spot for 2015 remains the same, as one company reported the highest revenue for an astounding 5th year in a row. CentiMark Corporation in Canonsburg, Pa. reported an annual revenue of $540 million, a substantial increase from their $508 million in 2014.

“CentiMark has been in business for 48 years. We’re proud and honored to be in the Top 100 list as a roofing industry leader. We’re proud of our associates who are experts in their respective fields. We’re proud of the 120 CentiMark associates who have over 20+ years tenure with our company,” said the company’s Manager of Public Relations, Kathy Slencak. (Read more about CentiMark here.)

The second spot is again held by Tecta America. Located in Rosemont, Ill., Tecta America finished 2015 with a solid performance, and is now looking ahead to the remainder of 2016. “Tecta is continuing its focus on incremental improvements. We employ best practices, take care of our employees and demonstrate quality workmanship at all levels and locations,” said Senior Marketing Coordinator Shannon Bennett.

Nations Roof LLC jumped from the 7th spot to the 4th, adding an additional $31.6 million in revenue for 2015. Rounding out the top five companies are Baker Roofing Company at $200 million in revenue, and Mr. Roof/Able Roof at $125 million.

A Strong Finish

Solid, positive feedback characterized many of the submitted company’s financial performances. A vast majority of the companies listed on our 2015 Top 100 list reported an increase in revenue for 2015 as well as advancing growth heading into the second half of 2016.

Bliss Roofing, Inc., headquartered in Clackamas, Ore., reported an incredibly successful 2015, and even forecasted 2016’s potential to be their best year yet. “2015 was a record breaking year for Bliss Roofing. It was the best year financially in the almost 50 years we have been in business,” said Kaitlin Bliss, secretary at Bliss Roofing.

Another notable company that reported increased revenue for 2015 was veteran Top 100 contractor, Kelly Roofing in Naples, Fla.  “Kelly Roofing did better in 2015 than 2014 both on revenue and in profit,” said company President Ken Kelly. The company credits continued success to its implementation of a new sales system, as well as a commitment to providing a prosperous work environment for employees.

Numerous companies are also beginning to discover the light at the end of the tunnel following the economic collapse in 2008.

Among them is The Original Roofing Company, headquartered in the thriving Las Vegas market. The company, which reported $24.6 million in revenue for 2015, mentioned the positive aspects that last year’s performance offered. “2015 was a recovery year, this was the first year the company made an acceptable profit margin since the downturn in 2009,” said Patrice Reed, project manager. Company officials also described 2016 as “exceptional” and anticipate 10 percent growth.

Commercial Roofers Inc., also located in Las Vegas, reported a similar feel from their 2015 season. “We, along with the Vegas Valley, are in recovery mode since the downturn. We are seeing growth in the commercial sector, though finding skilled labor is still a problem,” said Sales Administrator Michelle Draucker. She also said the company is aggressively bidding work in neighboring states.

Another company that maintained steady growth in 2015 was Advanced Roofing Inc. Marketing Manager Bill Arseneau called 2015 their best year following the economic downturn.

“We’re proud to say we earned more revenue in 2015 at $75,673,140 than 2014 at $69,408,648, which was our busiest year since the great recession.” Moving forward into the second half of 2016, the company plans to increase reroofing projects and solar carport installations, as well as add an additional 20 employees to their team.

The momentum seems unstoppable as many companies are showcasing limitless potential for revenue growth in 2016.

Propelling Forward

The roofing industry has become increasingly competitive over the years, with companies vying for big jobs in busy markets. As the necessity for functioning roofs of all varieties grows stronger, the demand increases, and companies are on the forefront of that growth — introducing new initiatives and ideas for 2016.

One standout company reported a slight increase in revenue for 2015, and a great amount of confidence moving forward into the second half of 2016. D&D Roofing, Inc., located in Commerce City, Colo., recorded $32.2 million for 2015 up slightly from $31.4. Sales Director Scott Brady elaborated on the company’s 2015 success, “We had a very strong and rewarding year. We have made changes that will allow us to increase the amount of work we can complete. We have added crews and the amount of work we are bidding. We expect to increase production and total amount of work (in 2016).” Brady also said employees are proud to be a part of the Top 100. “Our team works very hard and it’s nice to have their efforts recognized.” 

Another company that reported solid growth for 2015 was Roofing Solutions, located in Prairieville, La. The company experienced an overall growth of 89 percent from 2012-14, and highlights 2015 as the most profitable year in just over a decade of service. Officials are confident their success will continue in 2016 as they implement ways to improve performance.

“2016 will be a year to focus on execution and building capabilities to improve customer satisfaction and competitive advantages to succeed in our local markets,” said Lauren Reynolds, business development manager. “We understand that being a leader in this competitive industry requires constant knowledge advancement.”

Other companies that reported record revenues for 2015 include J Ferg Roofing Pros with locations in Amarillo, Lubbock and Abilene, Texas. The company logged $20.2 million in sales for 2015, up from $15.4 million in 2014. Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. of Lakeland, Fla. reported $20.8 million in revenue for the year, a sizeable increase from $13.2 million in 2014.

Having revamped the company from the ground up, John Beal Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. credited 2015 as one of the biggest years in the company’s history. Sam Maiden, the company’s general manager, explained that they’re even expecting 2016 to outshine 2015. “We are currently outpacing 2015 by a substantial amount. We created a pricing app that instantly creates labor and material orders and levels out pricing from house to house.”

One Step at a Time

To stay relevant in a market as competitive as roofing, contractors know that being on the forefront of new ideas and methods to improve productivity is a huge part of the battle. We’re seeing many investing in marketing, training, social media and new sales programs.

One such initiative comes from Evans Roofing Company in Elmira, N.Y. The team at Evans spent 2015 both improving their operating procedures, as well as cultivating working relationships with their customers. Corporate Business Development Manager Dustin Lanterman elaborated on the ways the company is moving forward, “Increased marketing efforts, including the adoption of curated social media and traditional marketing pieces. Memberships in various national associations and engaging our employees to learn more about the roofing industry.”

Building a successful brand was a big goal in 2015 for Royal Renovators Inc., a company with two locations in Brooklyn and Queens — the heart of the New York market. Company President Sean Levine spoke of Royal Renovators’ driving forces to propel forward for 2016.

“We are increasing our brand awareness via online advertising campaigns, as well as heavily concentrating on customer online reviews to build a brand reputation on the internet. This has resulted in reputation oriented phone calls dramatically increasing,” Levine said. 

Customer service and technology proved to be important assets over the last year for Kidd Roofing, which has three separate locations in the flourishing Texas market. Having experienced major hailstorms in two of their markets last year — an instance that isn’t tracked in their yearly budget — Kidd Roofing reported a record year in 2015. “We have picked up a lot of new work. We attribute most of that to having maintained a high level of customer service with our builders. We have also utilized more technology out in the field to help improve our service,” Owner Chris Lowe said. He also mentioned hiring new staff members to keep quality at high importance on all jobs.

A Greater Meaning

Given that this is our 8th year in a row recording the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the U.S., we wanted to get a feel for what it means for contractors to be a part of what has become a tradition here at RC. In addition to learning how Top 100 has helped several businesses, we also discovered how companies have leveraged the title in their marketing, and view it as a validation of the hard work put in throughout the year.

Simon Roofing, located in Youngstown Ohio, noted how important being a part of the Roofing Contractor Top 100 List is, as well as the helpful influence it can have when selling to customers.

“Being a part of the Roofing Contractor Top Contractor list helps to solidify our position as one of the leading roofing companies in the country,” said the company’s VP of Marketing, Sue Stricklin. “Our sales team shares the listing throughout the year with existing clients, as well as prospective ones, and we also tout the ranking on our website and social media.” Company officials also noted that embracing innovation and technology that will increase productivity and efficiency plays a large role in their 2016 goals.

In a business where your reputation means a great deal, the Top 100 list is a great way for contractors to show customers how their revenue holds up to competitors. It’s also beneficial in building trust with customers, arguably the most important part of the roofing sales cycle experience.

Doug Lanier, CEO and owner of Collis Roofing in Longwood, Fla., elaborated on the importance of building credibility in a market known for its sales scams. “It has helped substantiate to those who are new to our brand or the area that we are not only reputable but large enough to handle the work they are looking for,” Lanier said.  “In a market that is saturated with roofing contractors, both licensed and unlicensed, that are participating in insurance fraud and flooding the news with false hail and storm claims, it is imperative to have as much “proof” that Collis Roofing is a substantiated, reputable contractor that homeowners, builders and commercial property owners can trust.”

It’s safe to say that 2015 proved to be a successful and prosperous year for a great deal of roofing contractors throughout the U.S. As sales methods and customer service procedures continue to evolve, contractors are rewriting the script on running successful roofing companies. An unbounded amount of potential exists for the remainder of 2016 and we’re already eager to see where contractors will fall on the list come next year.