As a fourth-generation contractor, Matt DiBara understands the importance of making the right decision when hiring employees. It’s an important decision given the labor shortage, let alone finding the right people to help your company succeed.

That’s why DiBara, who runs The Contractor Consultants, took the time to share tips on how to get the most out of your hiring process in this episode of the Best of Success Podcast Show. He begins by posing a question to contractors: would you work for you?

The question is meant to highlight how appealing you make your company to potential employees. When they search for roofing jobs online, for example, does your company present well online? Does the company have a career page or a career video?

“Thinking about hiring from the perspective of the candidate and who your hiring competitors are shapes, then, how you make your company look online,” DiBara said.

DiBara provides two other helpful ways of thinking about hiring, such as reframing how you view a job posting and keeping in mind that a candidate's interviews may not always reflect the quality of their work. He said having a skill assessment as part of the interview process can quickly demonstrate someone’s abilities.

“Build a way, whether it's two hours or you want to do a full day, to evaluate the physical skill set of the candidate. And that could even be for office or administrative roles,” he said.

Listen to DiBara outline these tips in depth and his further thoughts in the video here, or visit our podcast page and download the episode to listen on the go.

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