Over the past decade in roofing recruitment, I’ve witnessed a significant change impacting employers and employees: A decade ago, a simple job advertisement could yield numerous candidates eager for managerial and leadership roles within a roofing company.

However, today’s landscape has drastically shifted; companies are now competing for top talent, emphasizing the importance of strategic recruitment to secure the industry’s best.

For those leading roofing firms, it’s crucial to understand that the competitive edge and innovative strategies that propelled your business’ growth are now needed in talent acquisition. The same tenacity used to navigate market fluctuations, pricing challenges, and business growth must be channeled into becoming proactive in your hiring practices. 

In a market where quality candidates are a rare commodity, transforming your approach to recruitment is not just an option — it’s a necessity for continual growth and success.

By constantly hiring and leveraging strategic, innovative tactics, you can shift the dynamics and attract a steady stream of candidates eager to join your ranks.

Below, I’ve introduced actionable strategies to revolutionize your hiring process, ensuring your company survives — and thrives — in this competitive market.

Here are some things you can do today to elevate your roofing business hiring success:

  • Commitment: Commit to elevating hiring to a strategic priority level and recognize that attracting top talent is as crucial as acquiring new clients.
  • Streamlined Recruitment Process: Condense the interview process to a more efficient timeline, ideally within two weeks. It is crucial to avoid prolonged stages that deter potential candidates. Ensure a positive first impression by optimizing interview techniques and mapping out a welcoming onboarding journey, including introductions to team members and mentorship arrangements.
  • Employee Referral Incentives: Implement a referral program that rewards current employees for introducing new hires who are a cultural fit. Offer a substantial bonus after the recruit completes six months, promoting a culture of internal growth and appreciation.
  • Engaging with Trade Schools and Veterans: Actively recruit from vocational schools and veteran communities, offering tailored training and integration programs. Their unique skill sets and experiences can significantly contribute to your firm’s dynamic.
  • Comprehensive Employee Booklet: Develop an all-encompassing employee booklet that communicates the advantages and culture of working at your firm, mirroring the persuasive techniques used in client acquisition. A well-crafted brochure informs and enhances your company’s image as an employer of choice.

By implementing these strategies, you will improve your recruitment process and position your firm as a desirable workplace, ready to attract and retain the industry’s best talent.

To cultivate long-term success, emphasize robust employer branding and marketing strategies like the following:

  • Use Social Media: Lead by example by being the face of your company and sharing stories about you and your business. Encourage your team to do the same and engage actively — sharing stories, videos, and testimonials, which elevates your firm’s profile and instills pride within your workforce, attracting potential candidates and clients alike.

  • Build a Culture of Transparency: Establish a culture where every team member is informed about the company’s status — good or bad. By sharing and overcoming challenges, you foster a united front, strengthening team bonds and enhancing overall morale.

  • Defined Career Pathways: Ensure every employee understands their career trajectory within the company. Clear pathways for growth and development motivate your team and drive your business’s expansion as each individual reaches new professional heights.

The drastic change in the availability of prospective candidates within the roofing industry is undeniable. As scary as this may seem, it must be viewed not as an obstacle but as an opportunity for roofing contractors to innovate and grow. Use the same drive and dedication you use to win new clients in your recruitment strategies, and your hiring issues will be alleviated.