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Clauses and Tactics to Use for Price Increases

In this Legal Insights episode, Trent Cotney, general counsel for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), discusses how the Russia-Ukraine war is affecting more than just gas prices and how contractors can work with their general contractors to alleviate the pain of price increases.

“Part of the techniques and tactics that contractors are having to use is they’ve got to figure out how to creatively adapt to contract provisions if they can’t get them out of the contracts,” said Cotney.

Share Your New Contact Info Digitally

Are business cards going digital? Author, speaker and sales strategist Charlie Cina, CEO of OneTapConnect, made an impression with roofing contractors and others at the 2022 International Roofing Expo in New Orleans by displaying a new way to send and receive contact information. In this episode, he talks about that experience and breaks down how he hopes to revolutionize the art of business networking.

Dear Anna: What Must I Know About Event Marketing?

RC Publisher Jill Bloom sits down with marketing expert Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, to talk about some innovative ideas for event marketing.

“I strongly recommend, if you are connecting within your community and looking at some of those church bazaars, nonprofit events, or doing your own event, that you sit down and look at what marketing opportunities are maybe baked into that event — or how do you make them? So many people just sign up for an event, show up, and say ‘Well, it didn’t really work for me.’ And that’s the wrong attitude,” says Anderson.

Reid Ribble Reflects on 5 Years as NRCA’s CEO

In this episode, RC speaks with NRCA CEO Reid Ribble about the state of the industry as well as the impact the NRCA has had on it, including dealing with supply issues and the roofing industry’s workforce shortage.

“I think for a lot of contactors in particular, 2021 was really challenging, and so they’re optimistic, hopeful, and wanting to have a better 2022,” Ribble said. “We’re more used to the volatility in pricing and supply, and so I think that the table is set for a better year as long as a recession doesn’t come in.”

Ribble also touches on his upcoming retirement at the end of May, sharing why he feels it’s time to step away.

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