Third-generation roofer Richey Nelson took a problem he encountered in the field and with Kevin Redman co-founded Roofr, to create a marketplace service that connected homeowners to roofing.

Once they realized there were not enough roofers to meet the demand of the homeowners they were identifying, they creatively enticed roofing contractors to give their platform a shot.

“We thought ‘why not give away a free DYI aerial-imagery measurement tool?’ and it worked,” Nelson explained in this exclusive videochat with RC. Hear more about how the demand for that product spawned an aerial-imagery reporting tool that quickly found a sweet spot in the marketplace.

He describes Roofr as a sales platform for roofers that will cover aerial imagery, measurements, proposals, contracts, payments, financing, and more all tied together with a new roofing CRM.

“Our vision is to become the end-to-end operating software for a roofer where they can manage their entire business,” Nelson said.

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