Katie Ruberto had experience at some of the nation’s biggest retailers before joining her brother, Leo, and his team at Feazel, which was already a perennial member of RC’s Top 100 Roofing Contractors List. In her role as chief operating officer of what’s today known as Feazel Inc., it was her job to not only streamline operations for a business quickly spreading across multiple states, but she was also tasked with the finding the gaps. The spots that — just like on a rooftop - are open or softening just enough for water and other problems to seep through. 

By taking a deep dive into the financials, and dozens of one-on-one interviews with employees companywide, she came away with critical insight that helped mold a better way to run the business. What she didn’t necessarily expect to find was the opportunity to lay the foundation for quick, explosive growth. 

That best describes Feazel’s rise over the past five years into one the highest-performing roofing companies in the country. The $185 million in reported revenue for 2021 catapulted the company into the 2022 Top 100’s top 10 roofers for the first time. 

“It doesn’t come without some bumps and bruises along the way,” Ruberto said in an exclusive video chat with RC.

To help other contractors that are looking to grow and find sustainable success, Ruberto breaks down her strategy for what’s working at Feazel, and how the team is committed to continually get better.

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