The end of the year spurs roofing companies into action on multiple fronts, whether it’s checking inventory, following up on backlogs or setting goals for the coming year. But does that annual checklist include monitoring your website?

You might be updating content on occasion or have separate URLs for each city that your company serves. Still, search engines like Google might be “de-ranking” your website without you knowing it, making it harder for customers to find.

In this episode of “Dear Anna,” Art Unlimited CEO and marketing guru Anna Anderson explains how to keep your website healthy with annual audits and how to prevent losing business due to algorithm changes affecting your site.

“Some national players have definitely gotten hit really hard,” she said. “Google's leaning into making sure local providers are having a presence as well. So there's a lot of shakeup in the industry as we look at the coming year.”

Anderson highlights some of the best practices roofing contractors can implement to make sure their sites rank well and provide the information customers need, including how to check on your site’s health, optimize it and manage content.

Regarding content, it may be tempting to turn to artificial intelligence for content creation, and in small doses, it can work, but Anderson cautions relying too heavily upon it.

“We have seen so many of our clients have success with valid content being created; AI bots [can] create content, but you also need the lens of the human component to be insured that that content is valid, it's unique, it's original, and it reflects you as a company,” Anderson said.

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