The answer to the question posed in this edition of our “Dear Anna” podcast series may seem obvious at first, but it’s important for small and large roofing companies alike: Do you own your marketing?

Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, explains that it’s not simply a matter of having your own brand or website in place, but whether you can prove you own the assets that drive your marketing.

Anderson goes into detail on the various aspects of marketing that a company should verify they own. Whether it’s being the owner of a website domain or a point of contact on a Google account, these seemingly simple issues can cause problems down the line with branding, online reviews or even during a merger or acquisition deal.

“These are not just ‘I’ll get around to it’ tasks, it’s something you need to prioritize,” she said.

Anderson warns these tasks also include checking you own your social media channels, as some companies do not even own their own LinkedIn pages. She also explains the importance of choosing the proper agency when looking for assistance with marketing.

“By walking through the steps and making sure that you own or have access to your own social channels, it will open up a whole new door for you,” Anderson said.

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