For most homeowners, the question, “What roof system is best for my home?” is a top-of-mind problem that gives roofing contractors an “in” to discuss options and develop a rapport that helps to close the deal.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association now offers contractors another arrow in a contractor's sales quiver, having produced a short, educational video designed to help homeowners understand the fundamental components of an asphalt roofing system.

ARMA’s latest resource examines the technological developments that make asphalt roofing affordable, reliable, and allows for a more informed decision by prospective clients when selecting roofing materials.

“A roof safeguards our most valuable assets — our loved ones and home,” Reed Hitchcock, ARMA executive vice president, said in a news release introducing the video. “ARMA’s latest video illustrates each constituent and explains how a whole-system approach can provide long-term reliability and durability to a home.”

“The Right Roof System for Your Home” highlights the six components ARMA recommends for a residential property with a steep-slope roof: an ice and water barrier product, underlayment, a shingle starter product, asphalt shingles, hip and ridge shingles, and ventilation, both for intake and exhaust.

ARMA offers a broad range of technical and educational resources for residential asphalt roofing systems. Contractors may leverage these resources to offer homeowners more information ahead of installing a new asphalt shingle roof.

“The Right Roof System for Your Home” is now available on ARMA’s website and YouTube page.