SumoQuote, a Canadian-based sales software design firm, recently launched a premium sales tool for roofing contractors quoting solar installation with its new Solar quoting system. A company news release said it is the only tool allowing contractors to quote roofing and solar in one place.

SumoQuote Solar is an add-on paid subscription service that enables roofing contractors to offer solar on every job and the opportunity to double a company’s revenue without adding new leads, the company said. 

When used with EagleView TrueDesign, SumoQuote’s premium design partner, users can access install-ready PV designs based on the most trustworthy data available. Users who purchase the Solar add-on will get access to preferred report pricing when they use EagleView. 

“Roofing contractors are in the incredibly enviable position of working on a home during the ideal time to add solar,” SumoQuote CEO Ryan Shantz said. “With large government rebates and a scaling demand for solar, this is an extremely lucrative time for a roofing contractor to consider adding solar to their business.”

SumoQuote Solar can be added to any paid subscription for an additional $150 per month, which includes 10 free quotes.

“SumoQuote’s Solar creates an amazing opportunity for roofing businesses to add solar to every quote and experience explosive growth,” said Pete Cleveland, vice president of Solar Business at EagleView. “The ease of adding solar as an upgrade paired with the accuracy of TrueDesign’s PV design data [will] be incredibly powerful.”

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