Whether you’re a residential or commercial roofing contractor, solar roofing is quickly becoming one of the most popular products, making it a perfect time to join the market.

Thanks to the tax credits offered by the Inflation Reduction Act, many homeowners are seeking out sustainable solutions and home improvements entering 2023. In this episode of “Dear Anna,” we chat with marketing guru Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, about the growing interest in solar and green solutions and how contractors can take advantage of this from a marketing standpoint.

“Solar search queries are three times larger than roofing search queries,” she said. “It far surpasses anything we see in a traditional roofing cycle, and when we isolate that to a specific location ... it just broadens that opportunity for revenue.”

Even if roofing contractors aren’t currently offering solar, Anderson said it’s worthwhile to look into the option due to its potential for additional revenue streams in the new year. Naturally, part of that is coming up with a comprehensive marketing plan.

“Anytime you are looking at rolling out a new service or product campaign, you need to make sure there is a unified message both internally within your company and externally,” said Anderson. “Make sure you have those internal conversations.”

When it comes time to market a new product like solar, Anderson shares some surprising techniques that could give contractors the edge over their competitors.

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