Search engine queries for solar are outpacing roofing searches, showing a major increase in consumer interest and an opportunity for roofing contractors to grow their businesses in the new year.

Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, reports in this “Dear Anna” episode that solar search queries are three times larger than roofing search queries. With incentives and tax credits offered by the Inflation Reduction Act, now is the time for contractors to seriously consider adding solar to their offerings.

“Solar is really a big topic, not only within the industry, but most importantly within the target consumer – they are looking at what do the options look like for them and who do they work with,” said Anderson.

She shares what roofing contractors can do in terms of marketing a new service or product like solar and how, despite the massive technology boom that happened due to the pandemic, more traditional marketing methods, combined with new-school techniques, may help contractors win the day.

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