In this episode, marketing guru Anna Anderson, of Art Unlimited, lays out what she recommends to roofing contractors in order to build a strong campaign for the upcoming storm season. 

The storm season is well underway in roofing markets across the country, and roofing contractors with a storm-driven marketing campaign will be ahead of their competition, says Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited. 

Does your company have a storm campaign in place? In this episode of “Dear Anna on RC” Anderson breaks down what strategies she recommends to her roofing contractor clients. Even if you already have a campaign in place, you’re likely to take a nugget of critical insight away from this brief podcast!

Anderson also offers some ideas about the steps consumers may expect, creative marketing assets you should have in place, and how to embrace, run and get your entire company behind this time sensitive initiative. Know what you need to do to service your clients before the storm chasers hit the town!

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