Imagine what you could do with extra money that resulted from simply closing more sales. It could be technology, new equipment, or even additional staff to gain a competitive edge.

Roofing contractors can do more than imagine it. In our three-part video series, RC Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Ryan Groth, CEO of Sales Transformation Group, on how his sales method helps businesses identify their closing ratios and improve them.

Groth draws on a background of guiding more than 500 contracting, trades and building materials businesses to new levels of profitability to explain how contractors can improve their business.

PART 1: How to Better Your Business by Improving Closing Ratios

In this introductory video, learn how your closing ratio affects your business regardless of whether you're residential or commercial. Groth shows how a company improving the number of sales it receives is money and time they can invest into their business.

PART 2: A Devoted Focus on Sales People

In our second video, Groth uses data collected by Sales Transformation Group to explain how most salespeople in the industry are “weak,” and how contractors can transform their sales staff into elite performers that outshine the competition. “If I have really good salespeople in an industry where most people are not sales-oriented and they’re multitasking, we’re automatically going to grow because the landscape is that way,” Groth says.

PART 3: Arming Your Sales Staff with the Right Technology

In part three, Groth explains how providing technology to your salespeople can lead to increased closing ratios. He draws a comparison between sales staff and Iron Man from the Marvel comic books and movies, saying that much like Tony Stark, salespeople can improve their processes through the use of technology. “Imagine not just the same amount of quoting, but a shorter time to close, a higher number of deals closing, and a higher margin from those deals closed – or a larger deal size. You’re pretty much tripling your bottom line,” Groth said.