The COVID-19 pandemic proved that technology is a differentiator in a roofing company surviving, but as Sales Transformation Group CEO Ryan Groth points out, technology can also be harnessed to thrive.

In parts one and two of our sales-focused video series, roofing contractors learned how to identify their closing ratio and how to improve it through strengthening their sales people. Groth states in part three that technology not only bolsters sales staff, but can lead to increasing closing rates.

He draws a comparison between sales people and Iron Man from the Marvel comic books and movies, saying that much like Tony Stark, sales staff can improve their processes through the use of technology.

“If we have a great sales process, and we have this Tony Stark-type talent … how do we make that great salesperson even better?” Groth said. “Whenever you give technology to a sales team, it kind of feels like this, it’s like, ‘Wow, they’re equipped to do more than they would without technology.’”

Using this analogy, Groth points out the various sales facets that can be augmented with technology, whether it’s prequalification and building trust to presenting accurate measurements and estimates. He says these enhancements can lead to additional closings for the same amount of effort your sales people exert.

“Imagine not just the same amount of quoting, but a shorter time to close, a higher number of deals closing, and a higher margin from those deals closed – or a larger deal size. You’re pretty much tripling your bottom line,” Groth said.

The roofing industry is adopting technology faster than ever, so don’t be left in the dust and pick up some tips from our video series found here and here.