WCC Roofing Co. was founded in 1990 with a single location in St. Louis. Since then, the company has expanded into other states — acquiring two more locations in Kansas City, Mo. and Destin, Fla.

Jason Wacker, current owner and president of WCC Roofing Co., recently told Roofing Contractor how his fast-paced career in roofing ultimately led to him acquiring the family business, and how he’s positioned it for success.

Making his start in 2004 as a project manager for a roofing company in Punta Gorda, Fla., Wacker was quickly immersed into the business as the surrounding area faced the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. “We were working on approximately 40 projects per day,” Wacker said.

According to www.hurricanescience.org, Hurricane Charley caused an estimated $15.4 billion in damages in the United States, with $14.6 billion in property damage occurring in the Florida panhandle alone.

After becoming the top selling commercial sales rep at his company, Wacker decided to go out on his own in 2006, obtaining his roofing license in Florida. Just two years later, he moved back to Missouri and acquired WCC Roofing Co. from his uncle, Tim Wacker, who started the company 18 years earlier. In the eight years since taking over, Wacker has rebuilt the company from the ground up, shifting the focus from strictly home building to roofing, siding and guttering.

RC: What types of services do you offer and what percentage of your business is residential vs. commercial; new construction vs. reroofing?

JW:  We offer steep slope and flat roofing services. We do approximately 60 percent residential reroofing, 30 percent commercial reroofing and about 10 percent new construction.

RC: How is your company structured? Separate departments/divisions?

JW: We have office management, which includes accounts receivable, accounts payable and a controller. We also have an operations department with a production manager and project managers, and repair/troubleshooting and installation teams.

RC: How do you educate/train your employees and keep them safe on the jobsite? 

JW: We have a company safety manual that is kept on site and used in bi-weekly trainings, as well as training that is customized to each individual project. We abide by OSHA standards in addition to the recommendations of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

RC: How would you describe your company’s culture? 

JW: We have a team-oriented atmosphere. We have goals for our individual departments, but our number one goal is always customer satisfaction.

RC: How do you ensure quality workmanship on site? 

JW: Project managers bear the responsibility of project performance. They’re charged with completing projects on time and communicating to the production department and the installation team the project goals in place for delivering a satisfying experience for the customer. 

RC: What are some key challenges in your market and how do you overcome them?

JW: The key challenges in our market are probably no different than in any other market. Creating an efficient and effective mechanism for bringing in new customers, providing an above average experience and generating referrals in the process. 

RC: No company succeeds on its own. Are there any particular manufacturers or distributors that helped your company reach this level of success? 

JW: All of our suppliers are fantastic — some slightly better than others. Suppliers are key in building a successful business in this industry. As far as manufacturers, we carry certifications with most all of them. Today’s manufacturers are so close in quality it’s amazing. Having quality materials you believe in is also a key to success. We have attended and been provided with invaluable trainings from all of our manufacturing partners to help us become successful. 

RC: Does your company have a Mission Statement?

JW: Our mission at WCC Roofing is to provide an exceptional experience to our customers that is consistent and referable. And to provide a positive atmosphere for our employees to grow and prosper while being part of a winning environment. 

RC: What advice do you have for other roofing contractors out there striving for success?

JW: Focus on the details. Work out every aspect of the marketing and operational side to create a repeatable experience for your customer.

RC: Can you please describe the best experience your company had on a particular job?

JW: Our company has received many awards. Most recently, we completed the restoration of a religious landmark in the area where I grew up in St. Louis. It was a large project that we completed on time and received fantastic reviews. It gives me pride that I’m able to contribute to the community where I’m from.

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