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Imagine living on a remote island – even in today’s times, how would you go about choosing the right products to protect your home from the extreme weather and unpredictable elements? On Matinicus Island – 22 miles off the coast of Maine, TAMKO's Titan XT® shingles have been put to the test. With their industry-leading high wind warranty for wind speeds up to 160 mph,* Titan XT shingles were specifically chosen for this roofing project because of the island's severe weather conditions. Within the first week, Titan XT shingles withstood the first major windstorm, holding tightly and proving why they were right choice.

Matinicus Island is renowned for its remote beauty and serves as a proving ground where the strength of building materials is rigorously tested against harsh elements.

The island’s weather is unpredictable, with property owners constantly battling elements ranging from biting cold winters to humid summers, and from ice and snow to high winds.

Reflecting a shared sentiment about the relentless weather challenges they face, Eve Murray, the town clerk, captured the community's sentiment perfectly: "We are at the mercy of the weather."

This view is reinforced by Ellen Bunker, a resident and local lobster fisherman, who noted, “If it can blow off, it will.” Such comments underscore the critical need for dependable roofing solutions like TAMKO’s Titan XT in such demanding conditions.

This unique environment set the stage for a significant roofing project initiated in early August, featuring Titan XT shingles. Performing an installation on a remote island presented unique challenges, logistics required precise coordination and the timing had to align with weather windows to avoid the turbulent winter season known for its fierce storms.

The toppled on Matinicus Island

The toppled trees are evidence of the wicked weather TAMKO's shingles endured on Matinicus Island.

Why Titan XT?

Chosen for its resilience in harsh climates, Titan XT was identified as the best shingle for this install, completed by TAMKO Certified Contractor** James & Whitney Co., professionals that are accustomed to the unrelenting weather in Maine.

“In this climate, it seems like an ideal product to use – with all the high winds we experience, the winter storms, the summer microbursts, and all the coastline with the high winds,” explained Eric James, a partner at James & Whitney Co.

Titan XT shingles are crafted with some of the most advanced innovative technologies and these shingles are designed to help withstand the fiercest conditions nature can muster. 

Scott MacDonald, senior project manager at James & Whitney Co., led the installation on the Matinicus Island home. He praised the technical merits of Titan XT shingles. 

“Titan XT is my preferred shingle. It lays flat. It seals well. It withstands the weather that we experience in the State of Maine from the extreme cold to the extreme heat,” he said.

The Winter Test

Just a week after the installation of Titan XT shingles on a home on Matinicus Island, a severe storm struck, putting the new roof to an immediate and rigorous test. Despite the intense weather, which wreaked havoc on another brand of roofing materials, not a single Titan XT shingle was displaced.

Throughout the winter, the region endured brutal conditions with tremendous wind, surf, and storms that damaged many coastal homes. One of these storms was Hurricane Lee, a Category 5 hurricane that made landfall in September producing tropical storm force winds in Maine. The homeowner shared how her Titan XT roof remained intact, with no shingles lost or damage evident. 

“This is the first winter that we were able watch our beautiful home and gorgeous roof survive with no shingles lost,” she said, highlighting the stark difference from previous years when shingles frequently needed to be picked up after winter storms. The alternative could have led to significant water or roof damage. 

MacDonald knew from working with Titan XT that the product had significant advantages for this project.

“Titan XT has great sealants on the shingles,” he said. “We’ve experienced many blow offs with competitor shingles, and the sealants that are on the Titans grab the shingle as soon as they’re laid and lock the roof right together.” 

Despite fierce storms that toppled trees and wreaked havoc across the island, the home remained intact, with the roof fully performing as expected.


Titan XT shingles have proven capable of withstanding the severe weather conditions of Matinicus Island, from high winds and driving rains to harsh winter storms. In such a remote location that experiences some of the most extreme weather in the U.S., where building products and roofing contractors are scarce, Titan XT shingles were the obvious choice for this unique and challenging project. 

Titan XT shingles have also stood up against other extreme weather conditions like Hurricane Ian. The innovation behind Titan XT shingles is defining new standards for roofing in extreme conditions. When planning your next project, consider how Titan XT shingles could make a transformative difference. With their cutting-edge technology and robust design, they are crafted to provide one of the best defenses to demanding weather conditions.

*TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and High Wind Application covers properly installed Titan XT shingles up to 160 mph.  Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for all requirements.

** TAMKO Certified Contractors may receive certain benefits, such as marketing support, product rebates, access to third-party discounts and the ability to offer Enhanced Limited Warranties.